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Induced & then just go home? With my last baby I was induced, & it's still very early days with this one so might not even have to but I was told i'll 'grow big babies' and to prevent perminant damage to my under carriage they induce me early. However, I was in there days..& days.. & days.. I was just wondering I know the can give you the next pessiery after 6 hours of the first but don't depending upon your reaction to the first and space in the labour ward.. but do you think you'd be able to recieve that then go home for a bit and be given a time the following day to return if nothing develops from the first?

I'm thinking - if they induce you that's it you have to stay in because they want to keep your space open in the bed - & a bit of monitiering of the baby? I just thought I'd ask.. I have quite a high pain thresh hold, but being there alone in the middle of the night listening to women screaming in pain - has put the fear of god into me about going thru that again! :\? x

p.s you can always go back in again if you felt things were developing - was my thinking behind it?


  • yeah I did think that.. Booo... how nice it would be just to be able to go home & go back when you feel you need to or when they've booked you for your next lot.. I feel a bit worried about it all - not the baby coming out just all the treatment around it - I've changed hospitals - but now wondering have I chosen the right diffrent one if that makes sence.. Think maybe it's best to make an appointment with the consultant (after i've had my booking in appt of course :lol: ) to discuss all my concerns as they are so fresh! x
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