Haha, this probably sounds silly!

When i sleep, i like to sleeep on my front! Is this ok to do, im about 12 weeks? Obviously i cant do this further on because id be too big and id have to lie on my back, but what about now, is there any problem with it?


  • As far as I can remember from last time sleeping on your front is fine until you are too big. You will have to rethink sleeping on your back though, after about 20 weeks the weight of the baby on your spine can cause big problems for both baby and you so I am afraid you will have to get used to sleeping on your side!
  • I dont think its a problem just now as the baby is so small and well cushioned it wont be affected by sleeping on your stomach. I slept on my stomach for as long as I could and cant wait to lie on it again when bubba is born.

  • Thanks, i meant to ask the midwife when i met her for my booking in but i was so nervous i forgot.
    I thought that sleeping on my front, it might feel a bit squashed, but glad its ok!lol!
    Im only 12 weeks, but when i lie on my tummy, i feel little flutters, could this be movement, it doesnt feel like wind!
  • Im not sure if this will be the baby moving, generally you dont feel anything till at least 16 weeks but some mums have felt their baby at 14 weeks. Maybe the pressure makes them more obvious.
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