what pains are normal in early pregnancy???

Hi, I only found out im pregnant late this week. I think i am only a couple of weeks gone. I got a pain on the right hand side (bit like a stitch) a couple of days ago and i seem to have slight pains at bottom on abdomen (bit like mild period pain). Is this normal? Its my first and also cos im so early ive not booked in to see docs yet. Any info appreciated. Ta x


  • Yeah it sounds perfectly normal. It's only severe pain on one side that you need to worry about. I worried so much about it early on but it's just the muscles stretching to make way for baby, I had it too and I am now 19+6 weeks. Congratulations by the way! x x x
  • Hi thanks for the congratulations and the reply! I darent get too excited yet as I'm very early on! Will book into docs in new year, it may feel a bit more real then!
  • I would book in asap if I were you, don't wait until new year! The GP will take ages to contact the midwife (you'll see her for booking-in at about 8-12 weeks.) I was only 4 weeks pregnant (I did an early test) when I had it confirmed by my GP and didn't see midwife until 10 weeks & wasnt booked in for scan until 14 weeks, in the end I had an emergency scan instead but it takes ages to get everything booked. Also even if you do miscarry ur GP will need 2 know. So best to do things early, believe me it goes soooo quick, I can't believe I'm halfway there already & I've done nothing! x x x
  • Hi Lisa, congratulations on your tiny bump!!

    The pains you describe sound completely normal. This is my first and I was surprised how many aches & pains you get in the early stages, especially as this is an anxious time anyway before your first scan. I had period type pains and also lots of stitch type pains low down which are your ligaments stretching as your uterus starts to grow. The stitch type pains continued long into my 2nd trimester so try not to let them worry you too much and give your MW/GP a call if they get uncomfortable xx


  • Hi Lisa, Congratulations and no need to worry. I had loads of period type cramps in the first 10 weeks or so, especially at night. You should book in with your GP as soon as possible though, I was only about 5 weeks when I went, but like Tiger Lily says, they need to know. Hope you feel better soon.x
  • Hi guys, thanks for your replies. I feel less worried now! I have booked in at the docs next fri. Thanks againxxx
  • Hi Lisa - congratulations on your news!
    I was exactly the same and had mild period like pains for the first 15/16 weeks - was convinced something was wrong but came on here and everyone but my mind at rest!
    It all sounds very normal and before you know it you'll see your lo on the screen for the first time and your anxieties will fade away!

    Enjoy your pregnancy and look after yourself
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