Sorry, Way TMI but... Piles

Hi girls

I'm sorry that this is a rather personal topic and post. I am 22+2 weeks pregnant and haven't suffered at all with constipation. However, after having passed a bowel motion (trying to make it sound medical as somehow less embarassing) this afternoon, i noticed quite a lot of bright red blood. :\( It was definitely from the back passage, not front. Does this sound like piles? I also have no pain or itching and don't appear to have any lumps. Has anybody else had this? And this early on?

I have a midwife appointment on Wednesday so do you think it's ok to wait until then to mention it to her?

Thanks and sorry again imageops:


  • yea i got this from bou 20 wks onwards i didnt do anything bou it though and my lo is 3wks old and its only gon i didnt go to the dr cuz i was to embaressed
  • hi moomin normally with piles you get itching and lumps but it could be an internal one (unfortunatly ive had them since 19 weeks) if its bright red blood i wouldnt worry just mention it to your midwife on weds and make sure it doesnt turn to black blood hth
    claire x
  • I think any bleeding should be checked out-see your gp if you can. Im sure it's nothing but better to be certain. I think you can get internal piles so you may be suffering with those xx
  • Hiya, I had this with my first pregnancy and is back again this time. I am only 17 weeks. It only ever hurt on one occasion the first time and I don't really have any itching or soreness apart from just before or after I 'go' lol.
    Just keep an eye on it and if it gets painful or itchy ask mw or dr which creams are safe.
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