such a stressful day!!!!!

hi everyone i have had such a stressful day i ave been really lucky with my pregnancy havent had any major problems until today!!!
i was having major stomach pains all day it was very painful and was taking my breath away at times then i went to the loo at 2.30pm and when i wiped myself there was blood i wouldnr have stressed about it but in nearly 22 weeks pregnant and have not had a bleed throughout so i was in a panic called o/h he started to panic also then i called my rota bloke at work ( me and oh work in betting shops not easy to get cover) and just blurted out im bleeding i have to go hospital lol poor guy lol so i just left work went home got my notes and waited for o/h who came speeding round the corner lol then my mum called me so i thought i had better tell her whats happened so then she started to panic so then we went to the hospital we got seen straight away thank god i did a urine sample and the did my bp which surprisingly was fine??? then they checked the babys heartbeat and the midwife said what a happy little baby lol then came the horrible bit the gave me an internal because of the bleed OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG it hurt so bad seriously OMG!!!! but everything was fine no more bleeding and a happy baby i never want a day like that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • poor you, must have been quite a scare. im glad all is well and wish you a healthy happy rest of pregnancy.

    love becs xx
  • What caused the bleeding. was it a lot of blood? Glad you're all sorted now though.
  • no it wasnt a lot of blood but very scary espescially because they dont know what caused it???
  • Oh my god......I have had exactly the same happen to me today!!!!!!!!

    I'm 19+3 and have had no problems with my preganancy and went to the loo at lunchtime and when i wiped i had blood aswell. Went to hospital and heard babys hb and then had an internal...just waiting on results!!!!

    Can't believe I have logged on here and seen your post!!! Can completely sympathise with you and hope you and baby are well and you have a great smooth pregnancy.

    Big Hugs
    Katie.x x
  • omg katiemac!!!!!!!!!!! how scary was today????? seriously i have never cried so much in public in my life lol seems silly now after the hospital put me at ease so much was seriously scary tho!!!!!!!
  • Today was so upsetting but surprising to myself and OH I was quite calm (I'm usually very high strung!!)

    Unfortunately the hospital I went to wasn't very helpful, one lady had been waiting 6 hours to see a doctor (there wasn't one in the hospital!!) so it didn't help the situation. I only got seen so quickly (4 hours!!) because my OH kept complaining every 15 mins!!!

    Today has been the biggest wake up call and I am DEFINATELY taking things alot easier from now on.

    Sooo glad everything is ok for you and baby.
    Keep me posted on how things are going for you.x x x
  • hi katiemac i just read out ur post to my oh and he just said SEE he thinks i do too much at work n stuff which is probably true so i vow to start taking it easy and act like im pregnant!!!!!!!!! i cant believe u had to wait so long at hospital???? what a joke!!!!!
  • Hi Victoria....

    Its a shame it takes something this serious to give us a wake up call but glad to hear you are going to take it more easy from now on. I've been ordered about by everybody in my family and friends to take it easy so I'm telling you now!!!

    I have just phoned worked( its my usual day off today) and they have been great. I work in a very busy homewear shop on the customer service desk which involves lots of running around and lifting and they are going to let me sit on a normal till for the rest of my pregnancy and have even given me tomorrow off!!

    I was considering having my baby at hospital I went to yday and have now ruled it out as I know I wasn't dying or anything like that but they just seemed sooo un-organised its put me off!!!

    Hope you are feeling better today....I feel a bit numb still but have lots of PMA and I'm sure we will both have smooth pregnancys and out LOs will be here before we know it.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • hi katiemac
    the problem i have is my work have not been great i work in a betting shop which is very long hours up 2 14 hrs a day (although i most i will work now is 9hrs a day) and it can be very stressful there are lots of things now that im pg that im not allowed to do but i still have to do them as there is no-one else to do them for example we ave 4 roulette machines which have to be emptied at the end of the night but they put me with trainees that dont know how to do them so i end up doing them it involves a lot of heavy lifting bending down etc also there is a girl at work who has done nothing but stress me out to the point of tears to be frank she is a bitch who seems to be jealous of my pg and has said some really mean and nasty things to me such as "i dont think u should be having a baby, ur too fat how r u going to get up the stairs when ur 8 month pg?" so i refused to work with her then my area manager forced me to go in2 the same room as her to try and sort it out but i ended up arguing with her again and i stormed out i honestly believe all of this is y yesterday happened and i just dont know what to do about it anymore
  • Ah hun...sorry to hear sounds awful!! I would suggest telling your boss that you have been in hospital and been to your doctors and he/she has recommended that you need to take it easy and if things don't improve at work then he/she is gonna sign you off.
    As for that twathead girl you have to work with, tell your boss you are going to put in a formal complaint against her or tell her yourself. My line manager at work is 18 years old and she has the biggest chip on her shoulders and the worst attitude and I told her on the phone today that I would appreciate if she would either back me up more or stay out of my way as theres no telling what my hormones might make me do!! I'm not normally a confrontational person but after yday nobody is going to put my baby at risk anymore.
    I felt bad that I should get special treatment at work for being pregnant but now I'm like hell yeah, my baby is sooo special and i need to calm it down at work!!!

    Sorry if that sounded like a rant but your post made me so angry as you shouldn't be made to feel like this. x x x x
  • i have asked my area manager for a transfer to another shop i only asked yesterday morning so not sure how long it will take but i will call him tomorrow morning again and tell him what has happened and that i want a transfer NOW!! lol i dunno it might hurry him up a bit but im not willing to put up with all the stress anymore xx
  • I don't blame you hun...keep me posted and stay in touch..... I have my 21 week scan on Jan 21st...sooo can't wait to see bambino after yday.

    Hope it gets sorted at work and like I said be great to stay in touch.

    Katie.x x x
  • yeah deffo will i have my 22 week scan on 16th xx
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