my baby being naughty..update

Well, as you know I had midwife as an emergency yesterday coz I hadn't felt baby move is because my placenta has moved and is now infront of the baby so when she is kicking she is hitting that instead and it is acting as a cushion, and that is why I had the pains Tuesday night.

Then, midwife said the first thing she was going to do was listen in so we knew all was OK.
Sounds simple right... NO

My child it seems has a full on aversion to being listened to.. it took nearly 25 mins to et the heartbeat properly. We could hear it in the background but she wanted to hear it properly for a few minutes. Bump seriously was not impressed and kept moving.
She could feel the baby moving but I couldn't feel a thing at all.
I was about minute away from being sent to the hospital to be checked when she decided to sit still long enough so midwife was happy.

I had this with Ashleigh and it was horrid.
We had to go to day assesment everyday just so they could hear the kicks etc. I am hoping the placenta movs so I can feel her again.


  • That sounds awful, will this moving of the plencenta effect the type of birth u will need to have (i know sumtimes ppl av c-sections coz of their placentas). At least lo is okay and heartbeat was heard, these babies dnt half give us grief. Kerry xxx

  • Elsbeth
    what a nightmare, I wonder if the placenta can move back again or if that is it now. I don't know, it's all worry all the way through pregnancy, if it's not one thing it's another, these babies certainly keep us on our toes don't they. Have you got as monitor to listen to heartbeat yourself or will that just make you more fretful if you can't find it? Just wondering if this might help if you can't feel kicks very regularly.

    Em x
  • Hi Elsbeth
    My placenta is at the front & it doesn't cause any problems. It doesn't affect the birth but it does affect the movements - but soon you find out what's normal for this pregnancy. I didnt feel the kicks until 19 weeks but at about 24 wks the baby grows big enough to kick through the placenta and u feel more. Now I am 32 weeks and feel him quite a lot. I've not had to go in & be monitored yet so don't worry xxxx
  • Thank goodness it's all ok, even if you have to go through the mill first. My placenta's in front and the mw could barely hear the heartbeat although she could tell it was moving a lot... but if the baby's kicking it's got to have a heartbeat.

    Ah well, have a restful weekend now you know it's ok.
  • I know it can be reassuring to feel your baby kick but at least you now know why you aren't feeling much. The placenta seems to move about quite a bit for some women so it could move out of the way again and you'll be back to feeling your baby kicking away! I sometimes feel kicks downwards (it's weird feeling your cervix getting thumped!), not sure if that depends on how far along you are...

    Glad to hear your baby is fine though. Sonia xx
  • The placenta being at the front is different to a low lying one.
    Low lying a form of placenta praevia and won't make any difference to me and I am having a section anyway.

    I am fine now I know why I can't feel her. If there was no reason I would be well annoyed if there wasn't.

    I looked it up and if it is still lying low at my next scan on the 31st I will have another one around 32 weeks to see if it has moved or not.
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