Hi everyone
I know this might sound really silly, but im nearly 8 weeks pregnant now. I am due to go to the hairdressers tomorrow to have my hair dyed, just wondered if i can do this?!! I have my hair dyed every 6 weeks, cos i have a bit of grey hair, more now though!
Hope im not sounding silly, but just wanted a bit of advice. My sis says i will have to have low lights, not sure what they are!
Hope you are all keeping well
amber xx xx :\)


  • I believe it is best to wait until after 12 weeks - however inform your hairdresser and they can tell you, I think its just not to get the product on the scalp or something, there is a natural product if you are happy to do it yourself at home? you can get it from Sainsburys and its called 'Daniel Field' I think, I have used it and it covers greay really well.

  • Thanks, i didnt want to sound silly asking, it doesnt seem really important compared to some things.
  • hey mumtobeamber,
    i asked my hairdresser on monday and she said its best not to have an all over dye but highlights are fine cos they dont go on the scalp. so i have had highlights done.............
  • Oh right, thats good to hear then, at least i can still get my hair done! xx
  • It should be fine, mine has been died (mostly highlighted) about 7 times since being pregnant and I'm 35 weeks gone with another appointment booked for tomorrow. Unfortunate incident the first time - stupid hairdresser put the wrong dye on and instead of going 'a little bit darker for winter' (this was in November) my hair went purple - nothing to do with pregnancy though don't panic!

    I did ask at first and have asked each time I go, but all hairdressers say its ok as long as its not a full dye all the time. If its foil highlights or something that doesn't absorb into your scalp you're ok.
  • cant imagine how far my roots would grow in 9 months? i'd look like a badger!
  • Well i will let you all know what happens, going today, i cant imagine my hair either after 9 months if i dont get it dyed!!! lol
    xx xx
  • hope all has gone well with you appointment, xxx

  • Hello all!!
    well went to the hairdressers and she wouldnt dye it till im at least 12 weeks and even then she will only touch up my parting where the grey is! she said low and high lights wont make any difference to my hair, you see im really dark brown. God i hope i dont have to put up with grey hair for the next 9 months!! lol .
    I know im probably being silly, but i love having my hair done.
    Amber xx xx
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