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  • Hi Mrs Ikea

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling bad. I know that sometimes if you lack B Vitamins this can make anxiety worse so it may be worth taking Folic acid and a Multivitamin. I am taking Tommys Folic Acid and Multivitamin and think its great. Its designed for pregnancy so you don't have to worry about it not being safe so its worth a try to see if it helps to perk you up.

    I have taken Batch Rescue remedy in the past for stressful situations and think its great. I have also read it can be taken in pregnancy but have not looked into it. Perhaps you could ask at your local pharmacy or midwife if its ok to take and how much etc. Found this on the batch website for you:
    Rescue Remedy has been used for over 70 years by millions of consumers in over 70 countries. It has a fantastic track record and is established to be safe for all the family to use. Your GP or healthcare professional may even prescribe Rescue Remedy to you as it is available on the NHS. All medication taken during pregnancy has to be under the control of a qualified doctor or midwife.
    "I often recommend the Bach Original Flower Remedies to pregnant women, with wonderful results. Pregnancy and childbirth bring many emotional ups and downs. The Bach Original Flower Remedies really help pregnant women find their emotional balance." Maggie Evans, midwife, Nottingham

    If I were you I would try the vitamins and batch remedy as they natural and better for you and baby.

    Hope thats helped and you feel better soon. Its good that your writing about how you feel as its not good to bottle it up.

    Take Care

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  • Hi Emma

    There is always hope!

    I'm sure they are both ok but If I were you I would ask the pharmasist or perhaps ring Your doctors or there are various helplines like NHS Direct or tommys just to be on the safe side especially as you said you are weening yourself off of Propranolol.

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