Does the hospital provide milk & bottles for the baby?

Only a maybe as i am planning to breastfeed if i can........... does the hospital provide you with bottles and formula when you give birth or do you have to provide your own??

Many Thanks

Emma xxxx


  • every hospital i know of provides you with ready made bottles for baby ut ask midwife just in case
  • yes, i think most hospitals do supply, mine did last time, but you are best giving them a ring and asking or asking midwife,
    i didnt even think about it when i was pregnant with 1st born, luckly they supplied otherwise i would have been buggerd lol

  • My hospital provided milk, but because I was breatfeeding and they were pushing it so much they virually refused to give me formula. I needed a rest after a horrible labour and just wanted my partner to take over for a bit but they got really stroppy about it telling me the benefits of breast. I was fully aware but I just physically cudnt do it. After a couple of formula feeds baby was much happier, I got some rest and we went back to breast feeding with no problems. Just be aware that sum places will really push for u to breast feed, I think its wrong and the choice should lie with the mother. Good Luck xxx
  • Hi, my hospital provided formula milk. We had a choice of sma or cow and gate and we also had a selection of teats to choose from.

    i prob breast feed cheeper. but use formaer as well if its ok
  • Many thanks girls for all your replies!!

  • tou put the rong ticket in
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