Hi hon just wanted to say i know how you must befeeling!! 5 weeks ago i remember coming on here and writing a post about it being my last weekend just me and oh on our own. We allways used to go out andget pissed onsaturday night and then we started chilling on sat nights when i got pregnant so we would go get loads of nice food and my oh calls it grazingwhere we just eat crap all night. Now i cant ever imagine having the energy or the inclanation to go out ever again. So enjoy your last weekend babe cus your life will neverbe the same again!!! Iremember thinking at least i will be able to give oh proper cuddle as i couldnt reach him in the end. And now i cant cuddle him as im allways hanging out the bed holding madams dummy in her mouth till she falls asleep!!!!

I just read your post to Lee so iwont ask you again. But you seem quite organised, have you got somebody other than your oh who can help you round house when you come out of hospital? Ivestarted doing my own washing this week as my mother in law was doing it. She still offers buti dont want her to think im taking the piss. Daisy is four weeks old today so i need to get back to some normality. Its shit having to iron again though, and all daisys stuff is fussyto iron!!! Daisy is chilling on settee with daddy at themoment which is great as it gives me a bit of a break. I started to give her gripe water today which she does not like and it doesnt make herburp. I have ran out of this cucumber powder i was giving her which was a real faff to use but i think it was working, i will have to get some more off hv. I just hope i dont havea nightmare with her tonight. It is so frustrating at night as i look at my oh asleep or trying to sleep and it just pisses me off. But he needs to sleep as he drives a lot at work. Ilast night i felt like i was in and out the bed all night, she needed feeding every 3 hours so by the time you have fed winded (daisy takes ages!) done nappy and got her back off to sleep it takes about hour and half so then you only have hour and half before she awake again!!!! I have had few nights when shes only woke upat 3 ish and then 6.30 so im hopingfor one of those tonight!!!!

Well i best see how my daughter is, just wanted to say enjoy your last weekend of freedom takecare speak soonxxxxx


  • Hear hear babe!

    Have a lovely time with your family today. Hope you enjoyed a restful Saturday night!

    Hiya Westbrom!!!! I take it Daisy was asleep while you wrote that - there were capitals and everything lol. Unfortunately I havent got anyone up here to help! My OH will be off for 2 wks then he goes back to work but his shifts are 2 x 12 hr days and 2 x 12 hr nights! I have a mate who I know will do what she can but I know it will be difficult.

    What is this cucumber powder you were talking about? I used infacol with Keiran and Ollie when they had colic. How did it go with the chiropractor - has it helped any?

    Love Lee
  • Hi girls,, ha ha yes i think Daisy was asllep last night. My oh will watch her all day as long as he can lie on settee and watch the telly so it means i can do few jobs have bath or come on here. Life has got slightly easier, everything takes twice as long when it is new to you. I thought the chiropractor went well she spent about 45 mins with us . They are under the impression that collic is an unexplained form of crying which is often down to kneck pain. When she checked Daisy out she was very tight with her movement on the one side, and her pelvis is a bit out of line. This is apparently from the way i carried her and due to my pelvis being knackered!!!!!! She did some gentle manipulation on her and said it would take 4 to 6 sessions. she is booked in for tuesday for another one. She said hopefully it wouldmake her sleep better, and i think it did.i dontknow any more she has gooddays and bad days, but she is definitely better than she was. Although im struggling to get even one burp out of heragain now i have ran out of that powder it is called colocyntheses powder. It looks like a wrap of cocaine not that ive ever seen one butive had comments of friends who have come round and said bloodey hell kel it looks like you have just took a line!!! Its very tricky to administer but i think im going to get some more. I thought all my problems would be over when she hit 4 weeks and i could use gripe water but i dont rate it so far. Daisy goes bright red when i give it her spits most of it out and again is very tricky to give her one handed on your own. God must of been a man if it was a woman she would have given three hands instead of two.

    Hope you two do get some help after your ops, you really will need it, although i know i am very lucky. Last night i had real bad painsin my tummy and when i got in bath irealised it was cus i was wearing normal pants instead of my granny ones and it had beendigging in my scar. Also which is really strange im getting a lot of painin my thigh it is where i had pethodine and morphine!!!!! i cant beleive it midwifesaid its normal as the muscle can get damaged.So get plenty of big pantsgirls!!! Glad you are obsessed about discovery health too Lara, ive seen them all before too but im normally up doing a feed about four so they are good to watch again. I would have gone onone of those if they were making a new series particuarlly the portland babies onenow i would have loved to have had my baby there. God i can hear Daisy crying again, its cus i justwent downand oh had stiff neck where she was still curled upon his chest so i told him to put her in her basket she must have just realised she isnot onhim anymore. I can hear him shouting come on now shush Dukey He calls her dukey after dukes of hazzard. Now he knows what i have to put up with all dayand night!!! Speak later girls x
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