Should we have the travel system in the house?

Hubbie & I brought our Graco travel system this week (I am 25 weeks), I have it in the box in the house, should I have kept it at my mums????

Sister in Law thinks it is bad luck? What do you think? x


  • Hi there, it depends if u are superstisious( sorry if spelt wrong!!) i dint have my pram in house 1st time round as i was living at me mums, but when i ad my 2nd daughter the pram stayed in our spare bedroom,
    Take care
    Adele xxx
  • I can't see why not! We're just about to set up all the nursery furniture(well OH is doing that & i'm supervising) and i'm 22+1weeks! Its all gotta be there & ready eventually!! I must say though, something inside me stopped me from buying clothing until this week?!?!
    Sarah xx
  • hi itll be fine, you have everything else for baby in house so why should the pram be different!! i so dont believe in all that superstitious stuff. bad things wont happen just cause you had pram in house believe me. i think its a hassle having someone else keep the pram anyway. but obviously its up to you, personally id have it all set up ready to 26 weeks and have had mine ready since about 20 wks;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • I get sooo mad when I read posts like this. Its so unfair of superstitious relatives to pass worry onto pregnant mums. As if the location of a pushchair has ANYTHING to do with the outcome of a pregnancy! Its really unfair to make you feel guilty and give you undue worry. Its total nonsense sweetheart.

    You do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Personally I would feel less stressed knowing everything was in my house and ready for the nipper but its your choice - ignore everyone else and follow your instincts. I cant wait to get mine so I can play with it and figure out how it works!

  • i never picked my pushchair up with my 1st until the day she was born my sister in law picked it up from the shop,
    this time iv ordered it tonight online and am having it sent to my mother in laws till baby is born,
    but i dont think it really matters where it is, im sure there is no harm in you having it at home hun xxx

  • mine is sitting in the living room but due to space issues rather than supersition it's going to my nan's as it's a trio and I really don't have space till the baby's room has been built.
  • Hi, mine is at my friends house as I am superstisious, I know it might be a silly thing, but I'm going with it. Saying that it did spent over a week in the back of my car!!! till a friend pointed out that it was very expensive and could be stolen.
  • Hi there.

    I come from a very supersticious family. But to be honest, I bought my first booties in secret before 12 weeks. And I couldn't stop after that. Got my pushchair as soon as I saw the bargain on ebay that day. That was before my 20 week scan. It's been living under the bed for ages. Due to small space. But other than that. It's nothing but old wives tales.

    It shouldn't affect anything!!!
  • ive had mine in the house did in my 1st pregnancy too.ive been ok lol
    abbie,hope+bluebump 31wk+4
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