hypermsis and my pregnancy hell.

hi ladies well some of you may have noticed i aint been online in while.iv been suffering terrible hypermsis severe form morning sickness well it got so bad i blacked out several times and hadent ate for a week so iwas basickly starvivg to death coulden even keep fluids down thats where things started getting dangerous.ended up in ane were they took blood etc my blood pressuer was high my ketones was max it could be 4 and i was seriously dehydrated they ended up keeping me in for 3 days i was on a constant drip the whole 3 days anti sickness injecctions needles here there and every where it was complete nightmare in end after 3 days i started feeling better and at to beg them to let me come home i know i was in best place but started feeling better and just waanted get home.well now im home yay i feel lot better now but i really did think i was dying lol.im 14 weeks wenesday wich im so happy about and have my 1st mw appointment today as i missed my last one due to being admitted to hospital.sorry bout long post hope everyone and there bumps are well lots love crystal.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


  • i am so glad to hear you are feeling better there has been a couple of us who have had hyperemisis including myself and mrs buttons and sxychick, i think mrs buttons still has it now! you are lucky if it has got better at 14 weeks mine got better at around 19 weeks but i still have bad days now and i am almost 29 weeks i was inhospital 5 times all for a weeks at a time on a drip, tried all sorts os anti sickness drugs that didnt work! then we found the saviour ondacetron, mrs buttons is also on that and it made things bearable, i too blacked out and i fractured my hip and my shoulder just to add to the already fun i was having, but its all worth it in the end, they do say it is always worse when expecting a girl well both me and mrs buttons are maybe there is something to it! on a plus side it is a really good sign of a strong pregnancie but i know how bloody awful it is trust me!!! xx
  • Hey,

    Sorry to hear you've also been suffering with the dreaded hyperemesis...

    It really is horrible - as chloe says, I've got it too - I'll be 31 weeks soon and still suffering quite badly. Ondansetron really is our saviour - I don't know what I would have done without it for these last few months!

    The thing with hyperemesis is that you don't just get sick - because of the intensity of it, you will end up being dizzy, very high or very low blood pressure etc. I ended up with some fairly nasty damage to my liver and had to have all sorts of drugs etc to sort it out - it is much better now than it was!

    As Chloe says, if it's improved at 14 weeks, you are doing pretty well, so we'll keep our fingers crossed that you are getting better now! If you need someone to talk to, we are the girls in the know!

    C xx
  • Hi everyone,

    I really empathise hyperemesis is trully awful! I've had 2 hg pregnancies and have 2 beautiful boys to show for it, the youngest just 11 weeks!

    I had daily cyclizine injections at home with my second so managed to avoid hospital as many times as first, although did have a few stays!
    Thankfully feeling completely normal again now.

    I wish you all well and if I can offer any tips oradvice please let me know

    Gail xx
  • I too have been suffering this, at the moment I am 12+4 and I have already been in hospital 3 times. I had it last time I was pregnant too and it wsa much worse than this time, maybe I am having a boy as last time it was a girl.

    Its such a horrible feeling, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I am on tablets to control it and so far they've been doing there job. Last time it stopped around 15/16 weeks so I am hoping this one will be the same.

  • aww hunny i really feel for you i still have really bad days now so if its passed at 14 weeks your very lucky this is my 3rd hyperemesis pregnancy and ive decided i cant do it again. as mrs buttons says ondansetron is a life saver it gives you a little bit of a break from the sickness im still taking that and cyclizine now. if you need to talk your welcome to email me dont let it get you down as you are more prone to depression when you get hyperemesis. i hope you feel like your self soon
    claire xx
  • Hun you really have had a rough time. Im glad you are feeling better now tho and you can start to enjoy the pregnancy,

    Anna 35+4
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