Urgent - bleeding

Hello everyone,

Please could you give me some advice. I've just gone to the toilet and when I wiped I noticed that there was some blood spots - light colour of blood. Not heavy. I don't have cramp.

I'm 15 weeks. Should I phone NHS 24?



  • i've had 4 lots of bleeding up until 15 weeks and i was always told to go straight in to a&e to be referred to the epu for a scan and an internal.there was never any cause for the bleeding but it put my mind at rest.

    good luck
    clare 31+3
  • Hello,

    I've just gone to check again - I've stopped bleeding. Should I still go to get it check out?

    Thanks ladies for the advice. image
  • u should still go, mine was always the same stopped just as quick as it started but they will want to check to see where the blood is coming from.
  • Honeybunny- still get it checked out. It will only worry you until next scan otherwise. sure you will be fine. I have had a couple of little bleeds also and it has been ok
    Good luck
    10 +4 xx
  • Hiya hun, do you not have a number for a maternity ward for emergencies. At the hospital I'm under their is a special ward for women over 12wks , I went there when my baby didn't move for nearly a day. If you do, ring them tell them whats going on and they'll probably tell you to come in. It'll save you fannying around in the A & E dept xxx
  • glad its stopped bleeding,i would stil get it checked out,i had 2 fresh bleeds in my last pregnancy one at 7wks and one at 13wks and passed clots and everything turned out ok,its more common than you think bleeding in pregnancies,good luck

  • Hi just to say I have also had bleeding over the past couple of days like you and my doctor has told me that around 50% of healthy pregnancies have some sort of bleed in the early stages.

    I just though i would share that as i know its given me a teeny bit more reassurance.

    Try getting an early scan from your EPU. I am getting one this week as soon as I am 6 weeks on referral from my GP to make sure everything is ok xxx
  • Dear Ladies,

    Thank you for the advice. I stopped bleeding when I phoned the MW last night and she told me some advice. I wasn't to go for a scan as I didn't have abdominal pain. My baby seems to be moving around today - so I'm re-assured.

    I had a good nights sleep last night as the MW told me to try and I haven't been bleeding since. I think it was due to my stupidity - I lifted something heavy whilst at work - for that brief second I forgot I was pregnant. I felt my side stretch and thought - what the hell am I doing!

    Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it. image

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