Should I have poked and prodded??

I'm getting pains on left side but doc says she doesn't think anythings wrong. Been poking and prodding my belly and where my tubes are today to try and ind out exactly where the pain is.

Have I done any damage by doing this? ?Keep doing things and then thinkin ''i probably shouldn't have done that''

Please help

thanks x x


  • i honeslty cant answer this one for you hun sorry... but can say I prod and poke my bump all the time, especially if I think there hasnt been enough movement to try and wake her up and reassure myself everything is ok

    sorry i couldnt be more help

    Lisa x
  • Hi Jules, im sure you havent done any harm, babies are well protected whilst in the womb. Ive had 5 children and was allways prodding and poking my belly for a response!! lol. Your body goes through some major changes during pregnancy so its normal to get the odd twinge of pain from time to time, try not to worry. Debs xx
  • Hey Jules,

    I really wouldn't worry, when I wa 12 weeks pregnant with my lo I fell badly down a whole flight of stairs, my whole body was black and blue and I had friction burns (ouch) I was rushed to hospital convinced I was going to lose the baby, had a scan as soon as I got there to see her doing loop the loops and waving her arms and legs around!!!!! They are very well protected in there!!!!
  • Hey don't worry I'm constantly poking my bump lol and everyone else was yesterday as my dads family hadn't seen me in a while. I've even had the dog step on it before, that worried me but I heard hb last week at my appointment and the baby's doing fine.

    Have u had your first antenatal check yet? Because believe me the mw pokes you REALLY hard! So I'm sure it causes no damage

  • Got my first midwife appt on fri 30th. Lookin forward to it cos that'll be another week gone then.
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