stomach pain....I'm panicing!

Hi All,

I'm new here but have found reading all your comments really helpful. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and have my booking appointment next Monday. Last October I had a natural miscarriage at 5 weeks so I'm really anxious this time around.

I was ok until last week when I had about an hour of really bad stomach pain which, when it had calmed down, felt as though I'd strained by stomach muscles like doing too many sit ups. I've been reading lots online and have convinced myself that I've had a missed miscarriage. I haven't had any bleeding and still have pregnancy symptoms but I know that's usual in a missed miscarriage.

I'm hoping the midwife will be able to put my mind at ease - not long to wait now.



  • Hi there sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Im sure the pain was everything moving to make space for the baby. Tho l dont hve any prev exp could you not fone the mw before Mon?even just for peace of mind then you not stressing till mon. good luck xxx
  • i had the same thing and i still get it from time to time. my sister in law is a midwife and she said its my body getting ready. i'm know 19 weeks. don't worry. just take it easy and rest alot your body has a lot to deal with and you stressing your self out will make it worse. by the way i was 8 weeks when i first had it and i've had a scan since then

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  • hey babe

    If I were you I woudlnt make assumptions. I would have called them by now already. If you are too scared to speak to anyone there. Why not try NHS direct. Even if its just to set your mind at ease. It doesn't sound like a miscarraige to me. On the account that you have not bled. But I would look into it instead of worry about it. Sometimes worrying will not help things at all

    good luck!!!
    Let us know what happens
  • Hi hun - I know it must be very difficult when you've already had one miscarriage but I've had pains just like yours at regular intervals right the way through and it turned out to be my uterus (spellling??) stretching. I'm 36 weeks now and had it again about a week and a half ago. I had it at 5 weeks at about 10 weeks then again at about 15 weeks, 20 weeks etc etc. I'm sure you will be fine but if you are still worried I wouldn't bother with nhs direct (they were hopeless when I rang them when this first happened to me - I did get a bloke tho so maybe it was that). I would refer yourself directly to the early pregnancy unit or go to casualty. You do have to be careful if the pain is only on one side as it can be a warning sign of an ectopic pregnancy which they will scan you for. Good luck hun, xxx
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