i am going to kill the receptionist!

I am going to kill the receptionist! I just went out there to pick up the post and she has gone...wooahh your big arent you? how far along are you now? I said 20 weeks nearly so half way.....she said my god is it normal to be that big? I just said everyone is different...then she said i wonder if you will get really massive at the end....i just said thanks very much.....why does everyone feel they can comment on my bl**dy size?!?!?!?!?!

Karin 18 +5 xx


  • image oh hun!!!! tbh atm i really cant wait for people to comment on my bump i dont have one yet!!! But i guarentee when they do i will get fed up lol!!

  • I think I am pretty big for 20 weeks too. Your right about people commenting on it, but I actually dont mind.

    I am much bigger this time than I was with my little girl, or I feel it anyway.

    AnneMarie xx
  • What a rude cow!!! I can't stand people who assume its acceptable to make personal comments.

    I'm only 11 weeks and quite a large lady already so God knows how big I'll get with a bump. Whoa betide anyone who makes comments like that to me! I'd turn round and say, well my tummys ful of baby, whats your excuse???
  • ps, I'm feeling really, really hormonal lately! I'm in such a grump lol x
  • Poor you! I'm getting so fed up with the random comments. I teach and the kids are nicer than the teachers!! One looked me up and down the other day and said "Oh, you're not showing very much are you" - I personally feel I am, but I just thought, what an odd comment to make, leave me and my bump alone!!! You and your bump are perfect - just ignore em!!! xx
  • people are so rude....! I am also v.hormonal today and feel like creating all out war with the woman over it!
  • Well how about this for rude. I'm only 15 weeks and my boss was holding the door for me and said 'hurry up fatty, its gonna get a lot worse'.
    Get lost you idiot, some people haven't got a clue x
  • I know it's a pain, Even my mum keeps saying look at the size of your bump, its does show because I am only 5ft1 and just under 8 stones, only put on 6lb, did not think that was too bad.


  • oh my god claire bear!!! What a w*nker - how you managed to restrain yourself from kicking him in the b*llocks!!!!
  • I'm 18 weeks today and people keep saying "you'r not showing very much are you"? Makes me feel like there's something wrong
  • Its amazing so many people think they have the right to make comments to a pregnant lady!!! So rude!!!!!!

    I had a 'friend' tell me today because I have quite a big tummy I probably won't show for ages, nice!
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