ive watched some labour clips :o

ive been feeling really on edge about givng birth atm becasue my due date is becoming closer so i deceided i had to have a look my mum said its best not to look as it will scare me even more lol suprisingly i watched a few and it eased my anxiety and i feel much better now ive seen it for real :\) so if anyone is feeling really anxious it might work for you too. xxx

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  • Hi hun,

    This made me laugh, i was on youtube yesterday looking at epidurals while in labour to ease my mind, and i was tempted to look at some labour clips but i never, so now im so glad u reccomended it lol! due date is now 5 days away and like u i am really terrified, i have been loosing sleep and panicking over what it will be like! thanks!!

    Steph 39+2 xxx

    ps. your 4d scan pic is gorgeous!
  • hi ladies,
    when i was expecting my first i had nightmares about not been able to push ect.......
    when i went into labour is was the most natural thing ever my body took over and i just knew what to do i didnt go to any classes.
    the worst bit for me was geting stiched!!!!
    i would recomend staying on your feet as much as possible for gravity to play its part i had emily on my knees.
    i had one shot of petadine(spelt wrong!!!!) and gas and air.
    im now 11+5 weeks pregnant and cant wait to do it again
    hope this helps emma xxxxxxxxxx
  • i found that the worst part of labour was actually the anticipation!!! once my labours got started i was too busy concerntrating on other things to worry about actually being scared of the process!!!! yes it hurts, but ur so caught up in the moment ur not actually scared, well i wasn't!!! good luck to everyone!! rachie xx
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