I can't believe it!!!

Omg what a day! Had MW appointment at 10.30 this morning...Anyway it is a different midwife this time, one who everyone says is v. good. She had a really good feel of my bump and said baby is completely free and posterior!!!! (This is after being told, since week 36, that I was fully engaged and in the perfect position.) I trust this MW a lot more as she did a really good examination (it bloody hurt as well!). Anyway, after also being told that my baby was a normal size for weeks (!!!) I'm now told that he is very big at least 8lb 14oz...and this could be why he isn't engaging. MW sent me straight to the hospital for a growth scan and she was right, he is posterior and v. big!

Well....head circumference and leg length were almost off the scale, but belly measurment was normal, so looks like I am having a huge baby with a skinny belly! Haha!

Then I had to see a consultant who felt my bump v. quickly and said that the baby is 3/5 engaged so I keep being told different things...I don't know who to trust! She did a sweep which HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!!! But said my cervix was still quite far back. I had a show this morning and now losing a bit more of it.

Soooo to cut a long story short I am now booked for induction at 40+9 on Weds. Seeing as the head is free and cervix far back, I don't hold out much hope of going before then, but at least it isnt 40+14....

But I'm so annoyed....I have had such a healthy pregnancy too and after being told that everything was fine and now told that I need to be induced and will prob have a difficult labour....it's really hard to take in!



  • Not long to go!! Try not to worry too much hon - as you've already had so much conflicting information, you could go on to have a perfectly 'normal' birth that is no more difficult than usual! Good luck - keep us posted until little Gabriel makes his appearance

  • What a nightmare, how can they have so conflicting stories?
    I hope it happens for you before then and baby turns head down.
    Fingers crossed
    Em x
  • Hey hun good luck and I am sure that everything will be fine! Tammi xxx
    33.5 wks
  • Oh hun poor you! what a biggun! But you wont nessecarily have a difficult labour just because your induced, some women have even said they found the induced labour easier than a natural one. At least you've got a date to be induced now, not long to go!
  • Evie (my first also) was in posterior too. She turned while I was in labour and the birth turned out ok. Try to relax while in labour and listen to what they tell you to do to avoid tearing!

    I'm sure you'll be fine. My friend gave birth to a 10 pounder and didn't tear and had a normal birth so don't worry!

    Good luck can't wait to read your birth story!! xx


  • Have you tried bouncing around on a birthing ball? I know it is difficult with a massive bump, but it really helped get my labour going and Violet moved down a treat - it should also put your pelvis in a good position to encourage baby to turn.

    My induction at 37+5 was fab, 2 hours and only gas and air and that was after having 2 previous inductions at later stages that needed epidurals - so have to put it down to the ball!!!

    Good luck and fingers crossed for you.

  • oh thats really confusing , bet u dont now what advice to listen to now. at least you have got a date to be induced , but hopefully baby will come in nxt few days
    keep us updated

    donna 39+2
  • Thanks girls...just very annoyed to be kept told different things.

    Zoey, she was only just about able to do the sweep....wasn't very successful though apparently. It felt like being stabbed!!! Wasn't very nice at all. I definitely won't be accepting another one!

    Ah well, only 6 days left!


  • Oh dear! Sounds like lo is doing his best to make life difficult for you! If he is still not engaged then making sure you only lie on your left side and staying upright as much as possible may help him turn.
    Kerry xx
  • That's the thing - even though I thought he was anterior I had still been trying things to keep him that way. Walking, swimming, and I always lie on my left side anyway, never on my back. Have heard that you can have back ache if lo posterior too and I havent had that. But I did wonder why I could still feel loads of movement and this has to be why...mw said his limbs were everywhere, I could've told her that, lol.

    Was quite looking forward to seeing him on a scan again but you really couldn't see much! Saw he had a cute button nose like at the 4d scan. But everything was so tightly packed in!! xxx


  • I can't believe it! I can understand you must be frustrated! I have been told all the way through that everything is fine and my baby is a normal size and it really makes me feel slighty more happier about the birth. I really hope they are right and that I can avoid a sweep - it doesn't sound at all pleasant. I'm a wimp at the smear test LOL!

  • I know, it's sooo frustrating and hard to take in. I don't mind a big bubs at all as they are meant to be contented. But I do worry about the birth. Especially as my mum's babies never engaged either and both were failed inductions & c-sections due to not fitting through pelvis even though we weren't all that big. I asked if my baby was too big for me to deliver and she said we won't be able to tell until labour. GRRRrrrrrr.

    Sweep was bad - but i think the woman who was doing it was so brutal with it! The nurse was holding my hand and looking like she felt sorry for me!


  • Oh, what a day for you hun, you must be feeling shocked. Can't believe your mw getting it wrong all these weeks, she sounds nearly as incompetent as mine! Plus big baby as well, but I also know someone who had a 10lb baby naturally and no tearing so you never can tell.

    If you're having a show anyway things might start up before the induction date, but at least you know how long you've got left to go now.

  • Try not to worry too much about the size thing. When I was born I was 9 and half pounds and 65cm long, the same length as the average 6 month old. My mum had no problems and says that I was actually the easiest of her three children as I was really skinny. You might have something with the big babies being more content as well, I started sleeping through at 10 days old.
  • hun u can do it !!!!! u r all sick of hearing about my giant babies i bet but im still gonna say it 10lb 11oz no stitches! growth scans r mad i had mine yesterday n they redict baby will be about same as urs. but every time she took a measurement it came up with how many weeks its average for so i saw one was 38 weeks n burst into tears as im only 34!!!!!!!!!!! sweeps r horrid id never have it done again i swear mw was angry at me 4 askin so took it out on me. hope baby comes soon 4 ya xxxxxx
  • Some midwives can be brutal with sweeps but normally the more brutal the more likely to work lol i ended up having 2 on friday an was sore for a couple of days after, look on the plus side hun at least you know your getting induced on wed i dont even see anyone till then as they had no appointments left for fri (coz thats my fault and all) just keep thinking your going to meet your little (bruser) chap soon good luck Sophie 40+2 xx


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