grrrrrr-friends winding me up

Ok, so im 19 and 20 weeks pregnant, most of my friends are at uni.

I decided since they'd all be back for easter id arrange a little get together, because most of us didnt see each other over Christmas. Anyway-my friends decided it would be great to go to Cleethorpes and pleasure Island, which I was ok about, when they decided that I hadnt told most of them I was pregnant and the ones who did know were lovely and said how they'd not go on things if everyone else was so I wasnt left on my own.
Anyway, when everyone found out I said how I wouldnt be able to go on anything, but I didnt mind going because it would still be nice to see them all.

But since then they've been driving me of them mentioned going lazer quest as well (if we feel like it on the day) so i pointed out that thats something else I wouldnt really be able to do. One of my friends did say something about making the day more accessable to me as well, but now she's not going because she has an important lecture (on childbirth actually image) the next day so wants to be back at uni that night...but noones made any attempt at changing the date for her.

So I asked about how much money ill be needing to take, as I wouldnt be able to afford much and the girl who's kinda taken over kinda added lazer quest and pleasure Island into the price...I know what she's like, she's trying to make out thats just in case, but she has every intention of doing both even though she knows I cant do either and everyone will go along with her.

So I said how I wouldnt be going, because right now moneys not great and I didnt wanna spend ??30 + on a day out when I wont be doing anything other then sitting around waiting for people and that id see them all at home some time. Anyway one of my friends, I cant believe him, had the cheek to say ''Dont talk about money to us poor students, we're all skint''

I mean OMG-one he has a landrover, his mum pays for everything for him he doesnt know the meaning of the word skint! What does he think having a baby costs as well

Sorry, I just had to rant, am I just being a bit sensitive or do I have a right to be annoyed with my friends?


  • I would be so pissed off with them if it were me! It doesn't make any difference how skint or not they are, if you can't afford to go, or would rather spend your money on something else then that is up to you!

    My best friend had her hen do when I was about 8 weeks pregnant, I already have a toddler who I have never left over night before and I couldn't really join in with any of the stuff planned. I spent weeks trying to work out what to do as I didn't want to let her down but in the end I decided not to go. She was absolutely fine about it and understood why I was staying at home.

    Real friends wouldn't push you into doing something you don't want to!
  • Hi Hun - most of my friends haven't had kids either and they just don't get it - they have no idea what's involved with being pregnant or having a baby, and I must say I didn't either before I got pregnant. They don't get me not wanting to be around people smoking, that I'm virtually totally immobile, that I've spent enough money to run a small country, that I'm whinging about having a cold, that I'm tired all the time, and most of all that my priorities have changed. I think it's just one of those things - you may find that you grow apart from them for a few years until their lives start to get more similar to yours. Luckily for me my best mate has just had a baby and this site is fab and has been a life saver. Try not to let them get to you - they don't mean anything by it - they just don't get it! Laura (37 weeks) xxx
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