baby shower????

is amyone having a shower??? my friends organising one and told me to draw up a list of presents and things we would like,,
thing is we have all the stufff we need and i only need to buy silly items like bresat pads, dis knickers not really stuff other peeps should be worried about !!!

any suggestions???

x x x x


  • I would have really liked one but i have bought all my things and have had loads and loads of white and cream stuff bought for us already. Id rather wait till have had the baby so people can buy us boy or girl stuff. I find it embarassing asking people for things aswell .
  • Ooo i havent got anything yet and didnt even think of a baby shower lol x
  • If you have a baby shower this is a good idea - or evenif your not cus i have done it. Get yourself a book and run a baby sweep. Your friends and family pay a pound to havea go and they pick a weight they think baby is going to be. We dont know what we are having so they are guessing on sex and weight who ever is closest wins the money. I went to a 21st birthday party last night and got over ??40 in bets!
  • thats a good idea that s my next questiom lol what kind of games and things do you do im so dumb but never really done or heard anything about them before !!!
  • Mmmmmmmm not sure google it i google everything . You could buy one of those (or put in on your present list) body cast kits. Where you make a plaster mould of your boobs and belly that would be a laugh. Get every body to bring a picture of themselves as a baby as well and you have to try and guess who they are. You could also get friends to buy you a time capsule and some photo albums etc. and you could start taking some pictures of you whist you are pregnant tostart them off. Oh do you know i think i might have one now and just put on the invatations please dont buy any gifts. And just have a really nice night with the girls x
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