Just wondering if any of you do any exercise? I have started going for a brisk walk for half an hour every other day.

Kerry xxx


  • hi, hope your ok? i go for a walk at least once a week, gym session once a week and swimming whenever i can be bothered. i stopped goin when i found out i was expectin until i was about 16 weeks. iv worked out im only gonna do what i can. hannah xx
  • Yeah Im fine, I didnt have the energy to do anything untill a week ago. But I used to exercise before getting pg so just want to try and stay with it. Im only doing what I can when I can. Im now 18 weeks + 2.

    Kerry x
  • I go for an hour walk twice-three times a week with the dogs. It's hard going sometimes but it has kept me putting on too much weight (put on nearly a stone and a half.) as I've been eating loads lol. I'm 30+4 xxx
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