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So impatient!!

Hiya girls, im so impatient and dont think i can wait for 20 week scan to find out sex and start shopping! Ive seen you can see the sex as early as 16 weeks from and was thinking of trying to get a scan done there around 16 weeks (Only 3 weeks away!) A good friend of mine has offered to pay for it but what do you think? Will i still et 20 week scan on nhs if i get this? Do you think its worth it? x


  • I know how you feel, I was told at first I was having a girl then then when I went for my 22 week scan they told me it was a boy - my advice buy whtie or cream.... then you dont have to take the colour clothes back.
  • Hi Mikayla. If you pay to have a scan done privately this shouldn't affect the 20-week scan you get on the NHS, so I say go for it!! xxxx
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