not sure what to do

hi girls,
im really in 2 minds as to what i should do...............
im 36 weeks pregnant today and im really starting to struggle with getting to work and actually being there, i dont really have far to go but it is a bus ride and im struggling to walk down the road!!!
a 10 min walk is currently taking me about 30 mins im in agony with my pelvis it just feels like the baby is really really low now the thing is im ment to be working today and tommorrow of this week and tuesday to saturday of next week then thats it but im not sure im gonna be able to make it that far!!!!!!!!

when i ask oh what i should do he just says u will be ok i dont think he realises how much pain im in even tho when i get up to go kitchen or bathroom he can see im in pain!!!
i just dont want to go in today call up and say im gonna go a week early and then sit at home thinking oh i could of worked!!!!



  • Hi hun.
    Sounds like your body is telling you to take it easy. You need to listen to that. Maybe it is time for you to be at home and prepare for lo's arrival. If your in that much pain just moving around the house then you definately should not be going to far anyway.

    Good luck hun and listen to your body.

  • Definitely finish work NOW if you can!! I'm 33wks & am also struggling at work, though not as much as you. I absolutely cannot wait to finish in just over 2wks!!
    As for what your oh says, I think men sometimes think pregnant women just moan for the sake of it, but of course they'll never ever understand what it's like!!!!!
  • Hi hun
    I would say your ready to finish! If your in pain then thats your body's way if telling you to slow down and take it easy. Speak to your boss and see what he/she says. You cant keep going in if your in pain, its not fair on you and you wont enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy.
  • i had this kind of pain (like spd) until i started sleeping on my back sat up in bed with lots of pillows behind me to prop me up. i also had a pillow under my legs just below my bum. im totally pain free now. before it was excrutiating in my groin ,pelvis and the inside of my legs. walking was awful and even standing of one leg to put my pants on was really painful. i found sleeping on my side made it worse. try it for a week and see how it feels, try not to lie flat and try not to roll on your side in your sleep (a pillow at the sideof you can stop you rolling over).
  • Can't you start your maternity leave now? Maybe your GP would sign you off work for the next few weeks. Like someone else said, your body is telling you to take it easy hun x
  • grrrrr men!!! i have just spoken to my oh again about this and he thinks im not in that much pain and could do another week at work!!! im not mad at him tho coz well hes a man they will never truely understand all the things we women have to go through during pregnancy!!!!
    i have a docs appointment tommorrow morning so will see what he says maybe he will sign me off for the last week??? hopeful thinking maybe???
    if he doesnt i think i will start maternity early i have had enough now!!!
  • Start mat leave now, it's only work. I finish next Wednesday at 34+5 and can't wait. It is a struggle and people don't realise cos they are not in the situation but you need to take it easy, relax and let your body look after you and your lo. I am sure your oh would never know if maybe you tell a little white lie and say the doc told you to finish! Or just finish and tell him it's done and thats that!
  • oooo mummym i think i will do that and tell him doc told me to stop working now lol now y didnt i think of that???
  • If you get Doctor to sign you off, it'll start your maternity leave early anyway. Definitely think you need to rest and concentrate on you and lo rather than work and OH.
  • To be honest you've done really well to keep working so long, esp when in so much pain. If you're off sick now I think it'll start your mat leave anyway, and you need some time to rest and get ready for the birth.

  • when i was preg with my first i started my mat leave at 29wks as we were flat hunting and needed to move b4 the baby was here and im so glad i did leave that early as i had 2 trains to get. i couldnt imagine workin that late on. give yourself a break and go now so you can chill out before the baby gets here as after you will prob regret workin and not havin me time x
  • U sound like u are in real need of finishing work, and if u told ur mw wat uve just told us then she will be recommending that u finish as well. By 36wks u r so heavy and get so tired its understandable, that is why women have the option of finishing as early as 29wks because the later stages of pregnancy are hard. Hope u rest easy and giv ur OH i kick for saying "ull b ok" i hate it wen my OH says that to me, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Finish work hun....I've finished at 34 weeks as was on my feet for 4 hours in the same place and had another bleed so work let me leave earlier than planned. My OH thinks it was too early as he thought I might be bored...looking after a 4 year and a huge bump and housework..mmmmm yeah think he might be right!!!!
    Hope you get to leave early hun as I know how pants your place of work is for you anyway!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • I definately think you should finish now! Think about you and the baby not that you'll let work down if you go off. If you ring in sick in your last 4 weeks of pregnancy your employer can start your maternity leave from there, so just speak to him/her see what they say x
  • hi girls.
    just got home from work i have been in agony all day so i have made my mind up to stop work now im gonna go docs in the morning and then call work and say thats it enough is enough, i have already told them i wont be in tommorrow and they have said it will be an unpaid leave i said i dont really care!!!
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