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I have posted this on ttc aswell but your advice would be great image

Hubby and I are on month 7 of ttc and I have been off the pill for about 6 years now! I had problems with blood pressure etc whilst I was on it so hubby and I decided to just use condoms and we were always really careful
I have regular periods and signs that I ov every month.
Anyway I was talking to my cousin today about ttc and how it can take an average couple a year to get pregnant and she said why would it take me so long to get pregnant when I have been off the pill for so long!
She knows nothing about ttc so don't know why this has worried me but does it still take so long even though I have been off the pill so long?
Any advice would be great, thanks xx


  • i'm no expert but everyone is different!! i'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with how long you have been off the pill! it is out of your system very quickly why else would they say take precautions if you miss one? like i say i'm no expert but i wouldn't worry to much! i was off it for ages before ttc and it still took 7 months !xxx
    carly 26+1
  • I was also told that a year was average. BUT I don't think that being off the pill for so long would make it faster. Actually, I believe that it might make it slower. I was told that there is often a fertility peak just after women come off the pill (first few months or so), and then this dips down, and then regulates. So, you won't have had the fertility peak and so it would have been less likely you'd get pregnant in the first couple of months. So, I'd say don't worry! You are well within the normal time period. Just keep on enjoying trying image xx
  • Hi there! Depending on your age, there is only about a 20% (I think that's for the 25-30 age bracket) chance of conceiving each month, even if you make love at the right time. Recently coming off the pill doesn't necessarily mean it will take longer, it just means your cycles can be wonky, so it's harder to know when you're fertile. Just because you've been trying for 6 months doesn't mean there's anything wrong, or that you've been doing anything wrong - you are right that it can take a healthy couple a year or so to get pregnant.

    My advice would be to cut down on smoking/alcohol if you haven't already as they can reduce fertility. But most importantly, have lots of sex! Every other day from when your period finishes until the next one is due is the ideal, but if you have work commitments/other reasons why you can't manage that, then try to work out when you usually ovulate each month (you'll get lots of help with that on the TTC forum if you need it, the girls are great!). Then you can concentrate your baby-making efforts around the 3 days before ovulation, the day itself and the day after. If you miss a time when you intended to have sex, don't beat yourselves up over it, just catch up when you get the chance. It's important not to let it become a chore - enjoy yourselves image.

    Good luck hun!

  • Thanks for your replies ladies, hopefully I will get my BFP soon and be able to join you all image
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancies, thanks again x
  • Good luck hun and the ladies are right - they do say about a year and it doesnt matter whether you was on the pill or not. Just relax and dont get too het up with the whole process - enjoy each other and when its happens it will happen xxx
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