White blood cells in urine....Also in DID

Hi Ladies,

I had my 25 week appointment with the GP today good news is I have no protein in my urine now but I did have strong white blood cells??! He's sent off my sample for testing and I've got to phone in on Monday to find out if I need anti-biotics. Anyone else had this and why?? I worry for no reason but I've heard about how it can effect pre-term labour etc. my Mum had 2 babies before 26 weeks so it's always on my mind that something could go wrong!!! Complete over reaction I know! At least I know why I've been feeling more tired and generally more grizzly :\(

On the plus side it's my b'day today!!! and OH has done an amazing job of spoiling me - nothing special as we are watching the pennies but he's really looking after me image

24+5 xxx


  • White cells in urine can indicate a urinary tract infection, which us pregnant ladies tend to be more prone to. It's highly likely that this is all it is and UTIs can be treated easily with some pregnancy friendly antibiotics. Try not to worry chick and have a lovely birthday xxx
  • Yes I had this in my last urine test - midwife asked if I'd had any symptoms but I said I felt fine so she just advised me to drink more fluids and didn't seem worried. She said white blood cells are an indication that your body is fighting the infection.
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