Saw my midwife this morning, and she measured me ( from pubic bone to top of womb ) and couldn't believe that I was only 21 weeks........ she said that she would say going by the measurements that I was 25/26 weeks!!

She said that although the test wasn't very scientific, it was usually acurate.... she then measured me again another two times and said the same!!

She said I must have a big baby!!! ( Yikes ) as I am defo only 21+4 ( had 20 week scan last week ) and can't be 25/26 weeks as I had wedding, then AF, then honeymoon, then concieved!!!

My hubby was 10lb born ( and me 5lb ) so I hope they are not a big un!!! )Gulp!!! I am only just 5ft tall ( or short ) and size eitght with a huge bump already! Looks like little a big un!!

Main thing everything was OK, and heartbeat was nice and strong....

Sam x


  • I wouldn't worry, MIL is about the same height as you, and she was a size 10 when she had SIL but she said she was like a webble, she measure huge for her dates but SIL was under 6lb when she was born!
  • Hi, im only 32+3 and im measuring 37+3 days so i know the feeling! i must be how far gone i was told because i had a 9wk scan and a 12wk scan so i must be only 32+3 today. but im 5.5" so its not so bad your tiny lol. Have they checked your sugar levels? i have a growth scan tomorrow so i will let know what lo is measuring for defo
    Tori XxX
  • i wouldn't worry - it really is all guess work. out of all the people i know that have been tol they're having big babies none have.
    i had the tiniest bump ever with ds1 and he was 8lb6oz - not massive i know, but i really didn't have a bump! (wsh i could say that i don't with this one - i just wobble everywhere now!)
  • Don't worry I was exactly the same as you. At 22 weeks I was measuring 26 weeks. By 32 weeks I had evened out and now at 36 I'm only measuring a week bigger. Give it time, she/hes just had a growth spurt!
  • hi. i wouldn't worry too much at this stage. most midwives don't normally measure you at this stage and it all depends on how baby is lying in the womb. and i have heard that you take the birth weight of your self and hubbies then halve each of them and that will be about the birth weight of your baby.
    i was measuring 4 weeks bigger with my last one and was told she would be a big baby but she only weighed 6lb 12oz at birth. so i would wait til you are over 30 weeks and see how things go then with the size you are measuring. good luck.xxxx
  • hey i feel your pain with my first every midwife i saw in the last weeks was gasping oooo what a whopper so i was absolutely bricking it. my beth came out at 9ib 12ounces. ouch! with this one they are going to give me a sizing scan 3 - 4 weeks before im due and if im suffering poor health and its measuring 9lb plus they may induce me. i had low blood pressure last time and heat made me pass out and vomit all over myself. so going out alone in the later months was difficult. good luck. xx
  • I like others have said, dont worry too much at this stage as it is still early and to worry more maybe 28-30 weeks+

    My friend was recently induced at 39 weeks due to measuring 48 weeks! They thought baby was going to be big and her ittle one was only 7lb12. It was because she carried so much water.

    I like yourself am only little and with my last baby I got so big due to how much water I carried and ended up having my daughter early at 36 weeks and she weighed 7lb.

  • Oh thanks for kind words ladies!

    Wasn't too worried, as can do nothing about it can I :0) !!! but even so reading your posts has made me feel better!!

    Good luck for tomorrow Tori, hope everything goes OK

    Sam xx
  • my mum was huge with me and my sister she put on 4 stone! but we were both 6lb babies xx
  • Hey, I don't think she should have measured so early! As it can be really inaccurate at this stage. Don't be worried, you will probably even out by about 28 weeks. I am measuring average but convinced I'm having a big baby! They can be really off, I know someone vaguely who was always measuring ahead and went on to have a 4lb baby (full term). My ohs aunt was told her baby would be over 10lbs too but he arrived 16 days late at 8lbs 14oz. That wasn't as big as they thought, especially as he was so late. xxx
  • Hi i was measuring big for my dates and im only 5,5 with my first they didnt measure you and she was 8 lb 9 1/2 with my son i was huge and at 28 weeks i was measuring 34 weeks so they did a glucose intolerance test for gestational diabetes that came back fine and i had a scan at 31 weeks and everything was fine they said he was right for size and then the mw gestamated saying he would be 9 to 9 1/2 lbs but he was 10 lb exactly this time round they are going to monitor me as it could be 11 lb plus so i have to have a scan at 36 weeks and they will set me off if im big but the measuring is just a rough idea i was measuring big up til 34 weeks then evened out so i wouldnt worry to much.
    vikki xx
  • Hi

    I measured big for my dates but over the weeks my bump seemed to even out and by the end I was only measuring about a week ahead. They are not always right about a big baby so try not to worry bout it too much. On a positve note, I have been told that bigger babies are easier to birth as their weight helps them down the birth canal...I have no experience of this as I had a c-section due to an abnormality in my pelvis.

    Pen the theory of halving yours and your partners birth weight didn't work for me. Hubby was 5lb born and I was 7lb 1oz, and our baby weighed in at 9lb 1oz....and he was our first.....Im hoping the norm won't work for me again and the next one will be smaller otherwise its another section.....consultant said I can try for a normal delivery of next baby is bout 7lb, but was doubtful of it just never know x
  • its definately strange they measured you like the others said they normally do it from 28 weeks. you should have the babies weight on your notes or scan pic if you got one. as one of the things they look at is weight. i am massive at the mo according to my fundus height my lo weighs 13lbs lol but i had a growth scan yesterday and she is 10lbs (with alot of water) so they can be out. as others have said height and pre pregnancy weight can play a part to. if you still measure large they may get you in for a growth scan- so you get to have another sneaky glimpse at your lo
  • Hi its so hit and miss when the health professionals try and predict your babys weight, i think the only sure way is with a very experienced person doing a scan. I only measured 1wk more than my dates and my 5th was 11lb 4ozs. x
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