ebay mistake? aqua blue pram for girls....?

oh dear - husband was a bit eager bidding for a pram for our twins on ebay. It's aqua blue (see attached link) and looks great - only problem is we know we're having twin girls. Do you think this will look like an obvious boys pram? I'm thinking we've made a real mistake and will have to put it straight back n ebay (and possibly lose money). aargh. Of course we're the highest bidder at the moment and it looks like we're going to get it - sods law! :\(



  • mmmmmmm sorry o say i think it is a bit to blue for girls but then again depends how offten are you going to use it you never know with ebay you may be out bidded or you do know you can retract your bid hope you get the pram you both like
  • that's what I thought - it's just the wrong colour, sounds so frivolous but these are my first and I wanted to get everything right!
    You can retract bids but according to hubby it's not good etiquette & he'd rather buy it and then put it back on. Hey ho, I think we'll just have to put up with the inconvenience of picking it up and putting it back up for sale. Lesson learned I guess.......
  • lol well just tell hubbie you want a extra special pram to make up for all this hassal you never know lol xxxx
  • Were you outbid or did you win it?
  • I think blue is fine for girls too!
  • I've got a blue pram, and I don't know yet whether it's a boy or girl, but I think it really doesn't matter. Just accesorize it with lots of girly toys and it'll look fab! (Couldn't see the pram on the link, it didn't work for me)

    Corinna x
  • i think its really nice and would do for either boys or girls! its a nicer colour than just black or red! have you won it yet? x
  • hi have you thought of using pink cosy toes? then from the fron tit would look pink?also you could get pram liners, frilly or whatever.
    but in any case im sure your girls will be dressed in girly colours so people will know they are girls!! dont worry im sure it will be ifne
  • I had a look at it last night and it was a really lovely bright colour! Think whats been suggested with fushia pink accessories it would look lovely.
  • Thanks ladies! We did actually win the pram so went to pick it up today. I agree that we can probably accessorise with pink & make it look quite nice - we might just try that. Thanks so much for all the helpful comments!
    Although, we do now have another problem (!) - the frame takes up the entire boot of our car which we hadn't anticipated! That's the problem with having double buggies. No space left for travel cots or bags - so in retrospect, i think we may have to put it back on ebay and see if we can make our money back. Shame as it is quite nice.

    On the positive side from the weekend - my friend donated her baby changing station, chest of drawers and wardrobe, all free of charge and in lovely condition. That's saved us a packet - just the cot to buy now!

    Take Care, Em x
  • Oh don't put it back on ebay, it's gorgeous!! I don't think it's a 'boys' pram at all. And you can always put it in the back seat rather than the boot, thats what we'll be doing and we're only having the 1 but no way will the pushchair (even though it's tiny!) fit in the boot lol. xxxx
  • I've had a look too and I really like it. It's more of a baby blue so would def suit girls!! Keep it hun you can always have some baby pink accessories to go with it and I reckon it would look gr8!
  • dont worry about having no boot space left after the buggy.
    when i go out with my sister & baby and my mum & her specially bought double buggy for the grandkids the shopping and changing bags goes in the footwells infront of the carseats & my mum likes to squeeze herself between the babies on the backseat!! havent got a particually big car either!

    ps just imagine if you'd bought a pink buggy and then had a boy!!! you'd definatly need a whole new buggy!!!!
  • I dont think blues too bad for girls, at least I hope it isnt, Ive been a bit previous-OHs dad gave us money for a pushchair because I fell in love with it on ebay, its blue and we dont know the sex yet...for a pushchair I dont think it matters that much

    Im absolutly in love with mine, its at a friends house, we didnt wanna be supisticious but didnt wanna tempt fate either, so they're looking after it for us, but we played about with it yesterday and set it up.

    Got us all excited
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