Due today..........

But bambino still snug in my belly!!

Had midwife yday and baby is ready and in position but theres no def day to say when s/he wants to appear!!!

My pains and contractions last week were due to bambino deciding to completely move and turn in my belly. From 20 week scan bambino has been head down laying to my left with feet by right ribs....
Now s/he has decided to disengage and is now head down laying on right side and the pains etc was the head engaging again!!! At least I know I wasn't imagining things last weekend!!!

Hope everybody is well and LOs are fine.....

Katie and bambino.x x x


  • Oooh Katie, its soo exciting!
    I'm 37wks 2moro & can't wait any longer, so can't imagine how your feeling!
    Keep us posted & hope bambino arrives safe & sound for you
    Sarah xx
  • good luck and lets hope lo doesn't keep you waiting for to long, are you doing anything to help things along? i've herd bouncing around on a ball helps, fingers crossed for you, x

  • Hello,

    I am due today too!! What a weird feeling it is, I have focused on this date for soooooooo long, and yet nothing!!

    I have been up since 6.30am cleaning and washing, if i had the energy i swear I would repaint our hall stairs and landing- this nesting thing is so annoying!!

    Not sure about you, but its curry for me tonight!!
    C xx
  • hey katiemac and click, i hope you dont have to wait much longer before your little babies! xxx
  • oh katie i hope your lo comes soon for you, going overdue must be sooo infuriating, especially as you're waiting to find out the sex! i was 3 1/2 weeks late (start how you mean to go on lol) and my dad says it was the worst weeks of his life mum was getting so foul tempered and HUGE lol!!
    good luck whenever baby decides to pop out xxx


  • oooh hope its not long!
  • Good luck hope lo doesnt keep you waiting too long xxxx


  • Hey katie, I'm due on Sunday and the same thing with the baby turning has happened to me. I'm getting really impatient now waiting for him/her to arrive. Good luck x
  • Really hope it's not too long for you - don't despair if you go over - it could be any day now! xxx
  • Hi girls...Thanks for your replies...I have been food shopping for about a month today, had my hair cut and just done enough housework to make the place look unregognisable all in preperation!!!! The look on peoples facs when I tell I'm them I am due today, they look horrified!!!!

    Click....So hoping we are both not kept waiting too much longer....know exactly what you mean about the date...been building up for 9 months and then nothing!!! Funny thing is I feel really calm and relaxed today and had a whole nights sleep last night with no loo breaks which is a very first since being pregnant!!!

    Well girls lets hope somebody gives birth soon out of us may/june babies..........

    Katie and a shy bambino.x x x
  • Hi,

    I feel quite calm too, and have also been food shopping, I have got sooooooo much food in, its funny the things your hormones make you do!!

    I can't actually beleive its going to happen soon- as we know there is only a max amount of time now!! I feel like this pregnancy has been a roller coaster, I bled on and off till 26 weeks, had placenta previa, and now finally I am at the due date!!

    I keep thinking about you and wondering if things are happening. Have you had a sweep, mine Wed didn't do anything, but I am having another Monday. So fingers crossed!!!

    Take care, hope you sleep well tonight
    C xx
  • I have a sweep booked for Thursday but hoping I don't need it as it sounds uncomfortable....is it painful??

    Hope it works second time around for you or you go naturally before then....

    I've got a raging sore throat now and keep coughing and sneezing...both OH and SS have had colds so knew I would prob get it...whats the betting now I feel rubbish bambino wants to make an appearance!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x

  • Sweep is painful - I won't lie!!! It's over before you know it though.

    Try to relax during the sweep as it makes it more effective- apparently xxx
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