feeding? confussed now

i just read somewhere that if you express milk you dont make has much?

i did plan on expressing but dont know what to do anymore, this sounds so stupid but i thought you could express a few bottles in one go and then refridgiate for the day? but you boobs cant produce that much in one go can it? any advice anybody ,


  • i'm going to establish breast feeding b4 tryign to express as i'd heard sdimilar but as Zoey says its to do withour bodies. who knows..
  • thanks, im 26=5 days and have to wear breast pads when i go out otherwise im left with stains all over my tops so hopefully thats a good sign xxx
  • Hi
    i have been b/f for almost 8 months now and have had little success with expressing.You may be lucky and be able to express milk quicker but just so you are warned sometimes it can take 30 mins just to get 1-2 oz !!.
    Anyway I have posted a link to the NHS Direct website as there is some interesting stuff about b/f and how important skin to skin contact is with your baby - which you don't get with a pump.

    Best of luck with your baby



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  • thanks i will take a look, silly question again so do you breast feed in public? im a little worried about it, thats the main reason why i thought of expressing instead. xx
  • i'll hopefully be doing it in public but not like boobs on show or anything i'll be doing it descreetly under a shawl to give baby some privascy and me some dignity
  • Hi
    We all got a bit heated on here a little while ago about breast feeding in public- so lets not start that debate again - but in answer to your question i do b/f in public.I do it descreetly and no one really pays any attention.I think you just need to pick your spot in cafes and restaurants and its really no big a deal.

    When that warm bundle of newborn baby is placed in your arms you will do anything for them and if they need feeding you will just want to meet that need .


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  • Hi i have been feeling the same about breastfeeding but i am planning to try and bf and express as i think that it is the best start in life. i will also be giving lo at least a bottle of formal a day when he is a month old.It is meant to be really hard to change over when lo is only use to breast milk and if for any reason i cant do it for a day i can always fall back on formal for that day.
    tori (34) XxX
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