doppler help!!!!!!

i bought a angel sounds doppler excited!!!!
the problem is i can definetly hear a heartbeat when i press down at the pubic line but i dont know if its my heartbeat or not!!!!!!!!!!! i put the doppler on my heart and tryed to compare the two sounds but it was difficult to tell

is there anything i should be looking out for to know whos beat it is?? obviously the beans should be going faster but to be honest i couldnt really tell if it was or not?

i'm 9+4 today.


  • Hiya,
    It should sound something like this:

    This was my baby's at just over 10 weeks. Remember though that you are still very early on so dont panic if you cant find it; some people dont find it until 20 weeks due to the position of the baby and placenta.

    Good luck with it and let us know how you get on.

    Becky 19+3


    PS Which doppler do you have?
  • Hi
    I didnt find my baby's heartbeat until about 16 weeks and you can defo tell the diff between your heartbeat and the baby's. If you found it very low down and it sounded like galloping horses then it prob was it hun! image

    Sharon x

  • OMG Sharon, I have just seen that you are 29 weeks pregnant now - that is so scary!!!!

  • thanks! that sound clip is great! the heartbeat i can hear is going slower then yours in the clip so i'm guessing its mine i can hear!!! oh well...i'l give it a couple of weeks!
  • Hi I had one of these when i had my daughter (need to get it back off my sister in law) It is really good the baby's heartbeat should be a lot quicker than yours and I always found it was louder. I heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time on Monday it was great.

    Claire 16 + 5

  • i have an angelsounds & i cant pick mine up yet, mind i think i am only about 8 weeks, i can pick up somethingbut midwife seems to think its my pulse !!
  • Hiya!

    Don't worrie hun about heartbeat yet, i bought my angel sounds doppler when i was just over 10 weeks and as soon as i tried i could hear it, but i did need to strain my ears and it took about 10 min, turning probe in different angles and using plenty of gel, it all depends how baby is lieing and stuff. Next time i tried i couldn't hear babies heartbeat, just mine and coz i was nervous my heartbeat was faster so at start i took it for babies but then i checked my pulse on my neck- still listening to heratbeat in headphones, and realised that it's my own, lol. It made me worried but i was trying to keep positive and gave myself a couple of days before trying again and i did hear it then. Now i'm almost 13 weeks and i can hear it strong and loud every time i do. It is so reasuring!!!! I talk to it and feel so much happier. It was the best decision to by that ultrasound doppler. image
    So don't worrie hun, all will be fine. Give yourself a couple of days and try it again. It is so worth it!!!!

    Good luck! xxx;\)
  • mrs s how do you load it onto computer so you can show people i think its great i have the angelsounds too i think its the best thing i ever bought
    claire x
  • You need to plug the recording cable into the computer and find a site that will allow you to record it - we used "freecorder".

    You can get the angelsounds doppler from ebay and amazon - its highly recommended!!

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