Is Lucozade safe???


Im nearly 11 wks pg and since 8wks have been really suffering with horrific morning sickness. My nan told me to try lucozade to help, apparently its a god send.
I tried to google it but didnt really get any answers. Does anyone know if it it is safe? I was just worried about the caffeine as since i found out i was pg ive cut it out completely.

Gem.x :\?


  • Its safe hun, if they're testing you for diabetes they give you lucazade. I didnt think lucazade had caffine in it, isnt it just very suggary.....or am I just being extremely niave?

    I tried cutting caffine out but didnt get very far-I have decaff tea at work, but I normally have a weak coffee as well and when Im out I dont even think about it anymore. My sister had caffine throughout both her pregnancies and both her babies were fine, the second was huge as well. xxxxx;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Oh im not sure, i thought as it was an energy type drink it must have caffeine in it!!!!! I think im just being too cautious, there has been so many girls that have had bad news recently on the Dec forum im constantly worrying about everything and anything!!
  • I have read loads of posts during my pregnancy about girls drinking it for nausea Gem and it really helps apparently.
    The amount of caffeine in it (if any) is minimal. To reach the guideline of maximum allowed per day I think you would probably have to drink about 2 litres of the stuff!
    They do give it to you at hospital as Flying Kiwi says when you have GTT tests.
    If you google something and it comes up with loads of sites about it (like 'peanuts and pregnancy') then obviously there's an issue but there's nothing re lucozade.
    I personally am drinking diet coke and there's plenty of caffeine in that! As for the chocolate, well.......

    I'm sure it'll be fine hun, just go steady with it (ie a small bottle a day or something?).

    33+3. x
  • Just checked on the back of the bottle of orange lucozade that I am drinking and it contains 0.012% caffeine, about 0.0456g in a small bottle. According to the advice on baby centre

    "Guidelines issued by the Food Standards Agency, the Department of Health and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommend that women have no more than 300mg of caffeine a day"

    If my maths is right you need to drink 3 litres a day to hit the recomended maximum caffeine level so a couple of glasses will be fine!
    Kerry xx
  • I think it's safe as long as you don't drink too much of it. I also use lucozade when I feel really sick and it really helps image Also, my good friend has diabetes and she has to have lucozade when her sugar level is very low. She had a lot when she was pregnant and her little boy was perfectly healthy image
  • lucozade is fine, im diabetic and used in 1st trimester when i couldnt eat to keep glucose levels up. caffeine is as said minimal, plus it can help flagging energy levels anyway.Hope morning sickness stops soon for you hun
    Filo x
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