To tell or not to tell...

Okay, I know this question has been gone over quite a few times, but I have an interview tomorrow for a permanent job and I'm wondering whether I should say something or not. And would appreciate some advice.

I am 18+2, and showing, but if I wore something loose I could definitely get away with it. But I'd just feel really bad and be worried about people guessing. It seems kind of unfair not to tell an employer when you're this far gone BUT then again if I do say something at the interview it's likely I won't get the job, and although I'm not all that fussed about keeping this job if I get it, I'd appreciate the extra money until the baby's born.

Hmmm, any advice? x x x


  • Hiya tiger, me personally i wouldnt tell, you dont have to tell your employer anyway till your 25 weeks pregnant by law and it probably would affect weither you got the job or not and like you say you need the money so id keep quiet for now, You'd feel bad yeah but then you'd feel really crap if you did tell them and because of it you didnt get the job xx
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