Leaking Boobs!!

Hello All

Im 30 wks and woke the other night to find that one of my boobs had leaked?? It was only a small wet patch and i have read that this is normal. I m slightly worried though as when i squeezed my nipple a orangey, yellowy sort of liquid came out!!! It was only a tiny amount and since it happend once ive now become obsessed with giving them a squeeze every now and then but it doesnt do it all the time.

Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think i should get it checked out?

Any advice would be appreciated


  • Thanks for that. I wasnt sure, i knew it was normal to be clear but got worried when it wasnt!!

  • Ive had this since 17 weeks. I find it quite funny - its like a little rainbow and comes out loads more when ive had a shower or bath.

    M/wife says its perfectly normal xxx
  • My boobs have started leaking too! I don't like it!! xxxx


  • me too! I've been having this sine 16wks and am only 24wks now so long way to go!

    Sometimes its clear, sometimes creamy, sometimes yellow. all very bizarre and usually feels very slimey!!!


  • Me too (33wks), sometimes its clear, sometimes its yellow. Not enough to wear pads yet as is only a drop or two but i can feel when its happening like a tingly/itchy feeling. does everyone else have this sensation?
    x x
  • Only started happening to me this last week - before, I could squeeze my nipples and get some out but only just leaked & its not enough for a pad. I find it is orangey yellow - quite weird xxx


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