has anyone previously had a.

hi has anyone previoulsy had to have a d and c done in the past for miscarriage or termination and it has it had any affect on your cervix? i have just read that it can cause an incompetant cervix and now i am panicking, had to have one last march due to loss of baby, i didnt know it could cause this.

thanks in advance

chloe x


  • hiya
    i had a d and c in january due to a MC and they did tell me before i had it what the risks are. But afterward they said everything went fine so i think it didnt affect mine. well if it did they didnt say anything,

    If your worried ask your doctor see what they have to say.
    i know this probably doesnt help much but i didnt get told that much about it.

    Nikki xxx 33
  • I've had 2 D&C's after miscarriages. I wasn't told about any risks, and until I read this, I didn't know there were any. All I can say is that I went on to have a healthy pregnancy (my son is now 7 1/2), and I'm currently 28 weeks pg with no. 2. Fingers crossed, no signs of any problems so far.

    Hope that helps.

    blb x
  • oh thank you for your replies, xxxxx
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