LO has head butted my bladder

God bless my darling lo....... the little ###### just had lunch and a drink and my lo thought it would be funny to head but my bladder - yes girls I have pee'd myself!!!! got to laugh, but Ive got to get to the loo's to dry my trousers and the loo's are via the factory floor - I work in a steel fabrication company .......... the comments are going to be priceless..
here goes.


  • oh no!!!!!! huni how embrassing its one thing at home but at work image i don't envy you. i'd dread the same here... my walk to the loos used to take me 5 mins and now it takes 15-20 mins to walk god help me :cry:
  • My lo gave me swift kick in the middle of a meeting and I farted really loudly! My colleague apologised for giving me a squeaky chair to sit on.

    Oh, and there's more to come! (Embarassing situations that is not wind, but I'm expecting more of that too!)
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