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Anyone living in London?

I have to commute into London central every morning. I'm now 32 weeks and it's getting pretty tyring.

Do men not have any consideration for woman anymore. Especially older ladies and pregnant ladies? Just yesterday I got shoved out the way for this man to get on the tube so he could have a seat!!

I was absolutely disgusted. As he sat down he looked at me and my tummy and simply whipped open his copy of the london paper. I wonder if I'm able to send in a letter to the local newspaper. So they are bloody reading it as they are sitting on the tube. the idiots. And some of them dont even have far to go. Fair enough if I'm only going two stops. then I even get up for older ladies.

Bus drivers are just as useless as the rest. Pulling away at some ungodly speed from stationary and I went flying down the middle. Admitedly. should have been holding on to the bars provided. But a bit of consideration would not go a miss.A lady luckily grabbed hold of my arm.

And what is even more concerning is that the majority of people that dont stand are woman. Young ones.Between the ages of at least 16-35???

What the hell is that all about? Are we bringing children into a world that has no more respect for others around them. Or consideration?

Good grief. Sorry for the rant girls. but it angers me too much!!!



  • How rude. Its despicable the way that people act these days.

    I know exactly what you mean though . About 3 weeks ago I was sat on the bus and an elderly lady and her husband were sat in the seats meant for people with wheelchairs or those with prams.

    About 2 stops later, there were 2 ladies at the bus stop and one was in a wheelchair. The elderly man went to move out of the way so that the lady in the wheelchair could get on. The old woman started ranting at him though tellnig him not to move and that the woman would have to get out of the wheelcahir.

    Throughout all of this no-one said anything and I am ashamed to admit that I also said nothing, however the bus driver didn't say anything either.

    The result - the lady in the wheelchair had to wait for the next bus. I really regret not saying anything to this woman as she was completely out of order and if I could change things I would. My one comfort is knowing that if I had said anything, being as I am only 19 this extremely ignorant woman would have started to rant about the youth of today.

    The elderly are always complaining about people my age. I will say that I am 19 years old and if someone drops their shopping, I will help pick it up. I hold the door open for people and I do say please and thank you. I am also one of the few people who will give up my seat on tthe bus or at the bus stop.

    Next time you hear someone bitching about the youth of today, have a giggle when you think of the foul mouthed old codgers out there who have no respect for nice people like all of us!!!
  • I know how u feel. I used to live in and was coming bk from a hosp app 1 day on a bus and had to stand while school kids, grown men and women sat comfortably ignoring any eye contact so as to make themselves feel less guilty. Another time an old lady got on and as no one would offer her a seat it was me that let the poor old dear sit down - i was 38 weeks gone!!
  • Hi Tash & Bump
    Am sorry to hear your experiences, sadly it doesn't surprise me tho!
    i used to commute to/from London & it would disgust me how ignorant & down right rude people can be! I am v grateful i don't have to do that anymore - just walking round the shops is enuf to irritate me now!!
    I truly don't understand why people seem to lose all concept of manners when elderly/pregnant etc people are about!! Must be those wonderful invisible walkmans & blinkers they give out with the tickets!!
    Well enuf of me going on....I hope u you get on better - how long you got left to suffer the hell-hole that is London transport?
    Sarah xx
  • Hi ladies,
    I wear the london underground badge that says "Baby on Board" and I have to say that I get offered seats every day whilst travelling on the can get these from most you find that most times though, when you are offered seats, it's always the ladies?
    I infact offered my seat to a preg lady yesterday as she looked more preg than me..useless people!!!!

    Taryn 23+6
  • this is always happening to me, everyday that i work tbh, i live just outside london but its just like london tho not once has anyone got up for me on the bus or train its the business men and teenagers that piss me off the most the business men just look at u and ur bump and carry on reading their paper and school kids have been known to push past me to get to a seat and bus drivers arghhhhh i was on the bus the other day holding on for dear life but ended up falling over coz he was driving like a nutter!!!! im 33 + 2 now and im starting to struggle getting on and off the bus usually standing the whole time i dont understand it b4 i was pg i would always get up for pg women or the elderly????
  • Luckily, the rare times I did get public transport when I was pregnant I usually had a seat but I remember taking my little boy on the bus once and the bus driver just started driving off as soon as I paid before I managed to move my pushchair and baby away. Luckily no major damage was done. The whole experience was still awful though because I decided to sit my little boy down first so he was secure and then put the buggy into the compartment and because someone was standing in front of the compartment, he just tutted at me as if I was a nuisance and I shouldn't be getting on a bus with a baby.
  • I also tend to move for pregnant woman. Sarah I only have two more weeks to go! thank god. So can get this sticker from stations? I shall have to try and look around for them. I'm so sick and tired of getting shoved aside. Or when someone asked for a seat for me we both got dirty looks from this young lad! The kind you wouldn't want to meet late at night on the street. It made me feel very intimidated. thanks for the advice on the badge thing Taryn.

    And as for Steph+ Bump. Bloody good on ya!! Its very rare that there are people out there that still shows that respect to others. Especially at that age. I hope that I can teach my daughter to be that way. Throughout her life!

    As I never lost it. I have written something to the London paper. I will see if ig et something back Or if it appears in the paper.

    Brandollarz. I live in North london. In finchley and travel to hammersmith and back everyday. Only two weeks to go though.

    Cheers girls

  • Yip, ask one of the station staff members for the badge, well worth it!
    Good luck!
  • hope you get on ok and people aren't so rude to you - ooh, threaten to sit on them if they don't move... joking of course.

    yup, mum always said it costs nothing to show respect but the smiles you get back are worth a million dollars!!! (sorry if i sound like a fruitloop)

  • I live in Harrow (used to have a flat in Finchley Tash and you're not a million miles from me!) and it's not too bad here. I don't tend to get public transport as luckily I'm not working at the mo so can drive everywhere.

    However, I would say to anyone who uses public transport to not just stand and get wound up - speak up and loudly!

    Personally I would say very loudly 'would anyone mind letting me sit down as you can all see that I'm very obviously pregnant?' Guaranteed that'll shame someone into moving - nice loud simpleton voice now.....!!! he he....
  • It's not just London, I used to comute into Leeds everyday when I was pregnant with Millie and that was just as bad. By the time I was about 5 months I started driving in (and paying tha huge parking costs) because I was so scared of something happening to the baby the way I got pushed around.

    Steph, I actually think that a lot of the time young people have the best manners. I have lost count of the times that teenagers and young adults have opened doors for me when I have the buggy, moved out of the way on narrow pavements and genrally behaved with impecable manners. I have also lost count of the number of old people who are so rude I want to mow them down with the push chair! lol
  • Ooh yeah - that urge is uncontrollable sometimes - I have to physically restrain myself from ramming them with the buggy - especially when they cut in front of you in supermarkets or just stop dead in the middle of the pavement!
  • Hi, I live in north london and find it amazing how interesting people suddenly find their feet when I get on the train!!! im 28 weeks and fairly big, have been for a while and Ive got to say WOMEN are the worst!!! Im now on crutches as I have SPD and I also have the Baby on Board badge and still I get pushed and ignored, the other week at Knightsbridge staton I was pushed out of the way as i was getting on a train by a man so that his Girlfriend could get onthe train instead!!! and then having to wait for the next train the station was getting more and more packed the couple behind me kept pushing and pushing until It was time for me to admit defeat and go get a cab, as I was leaving I joked to my friends "at this rate my baby's gonna be pushed out of my stomach by a complete stranger" the woman that was pushing me turned and said "information we dont need to know"!!! It cost ??40.00 to get a black cab home! And dont even get me started on cab drivers, as we had to stop 7 cab's before one of them agreed to take me home and my friend had to beg!!!! Ken Livingston lanched some new thing about priority seats for pregnant women and stickers on the tube asking people to give up their seats, well unless they are put on either the floor or the roof of the train, no one is gonna see them!!!:evil:

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  • Jesus!!!!People do piss me off. If I had crutches in my hand at the time I would have shoved it in her ribs the rude *@#$%...OMG it makes so angry

    Where in North london are you babygirlfincher?

  • I had to go to Manchester to a conference and decided to take the train rather than battle in rush hour traffic and then have to find a car park. The journey there was ok, I had a seat, but on the way back I was squashed in the vestibule with 7 other people and a HUGE suitcase. The train was non-stop to Sheffield and just awful. No one bothered to offer me a seat, not one of them would look me in the eye. I was so tired I just wanted to cry. Luckily I had to change trains at Sheffield and was so relieved to get off the train. As I was getting off one of the people sqaushed in the vestibule with me helped me off and said she hoped I was ok having stood up all the way. No conductor came round for tickets (probably cos the train was so packed he couldn't get down the carriage).

    Luckily the train I got on from Sheffiedl back home had a seat so I finally got to sit down. It has put me off going on the train anywhere whilst I am pregnant tho.
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