boys names

any1 kno any nice boys names preferably modern names atm i like rhys,dylan,tyler,jayden,noah,ryley,isaac


  • Hi have already have a Daniel and a Joe, if this one is a boy I was thinking Alfie, Max, Ollie but i now thinking of Warrick.

    Sara 34+4
  • I have a Keiran Patrick, an Oliver (olllie)William and if this ones a boy it will be Thomas (Tommy) Michael.
  • I like Charley, Jack or Alfie image xx
  • Hiya,
    We like Oakley and Taylor, although we still have a long time to think about names and it will be easier when we know the sex!xxx
  • Hands Off mummy2babyhope!!!
    Ha ha ha ha, my lil one is called rhys and if this one is a boy we were thinking of jayden how strange is that. I love rhys and its not overly populated (where i live anyway) people always ask me tho "are u welsh?" Er no i just liked the name. Lol. Im sure wateva u pick on the day will be lovely. Kerry xxx
  • i did a list of names like ashton, jayden, ashley, luke, byron, klaydon and cory,
    but boyfriend had final say and he chose for our little boy to be called luke ashley so just got to wate till april now to officialy give him his name lol.

  • Hi, my sons are Ashley Mark and Ethan Daniel. I also love the names Finn, Murray , Reece, Sebastian and Cody. Good luck choosing, its not an easy task!!

    BTW, there is a list of the top 50 girls and boys names in Wales and England and the top 10 in Nth. Ireland and Scotland on the Bounty website.
  • ahhh isn't it sweet when some one from care in the community gets involved in our chats??? (see above)
    anyway, we have Christopher David, Joseph Andrew and Charlie Jack. IF boy Louis William we think but am still looking for ideas. I love modern names but all my children have quite normal sedate names so to call it something whacky would just sound silly.
    Theo, Woody and Zack are all nice slightly unusual names!
  • My oh and I have gone for Alexander Kai if our bubba is a boy. I really like oliver for a boy but it doesn't go with surname at all :'(
  • My son is Spencer Drew, I also like Reilly (Riley), George, Carson, Fraser. My hubby likes Rufus and Hector.
  • thankyou for all the replies i got u all like very lovely names.also kerrymc ive had the name rhys in my mind for few months now i got the name from rhys in hollyoaks lol hes gorgeous its a v.lovely name u have gd taste in names image
  • hey i have

    Ashton Jason Burke-Gachette
    Patrick Michael Burke-Gachette

    Thats mostly where ive been htinking of calling a boy after smeone, but i like
    Alfie too.
  • im thinkin of calling my son Rhys Michael James (Beith)beith is my surname i got the name Rhys from hollyoaks michael after his dad and james is my brothers and uncles middle name so kept it in the family
  • I think thats a great choice. If im honest i came up with rhys by mistake. Id mis-heard wat my mum had said, she was messing around saying funny names and came up wiv Reef, and i said Oh Rhys thats lovely, ha ha ha. Not much thought I know but oh well, he is Rhys Elliott Johnson now. Kerry xxx
  • me and my oh are calling our baby jayden but i also liked, kai,mkenzie,connor,rio,harley xx
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