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Low blood pressure??

When I went for my booking appointment at 10 weeks, my BP was 90/60 which MW said was low but if this was normal for me then not a problem. Personally, I couldn't remember what it was before so forgot about it. I went for my 16 week appointment and once again it was 90/60. That midwife did not seem concerned as it was the same as last time but when I looked at my well woman report (from a year ago before I became pg) it was 130/80!!

Does anyone else have low BP or even BP which as dropped since they have become pg? Should I see my GP about this?


  • yours sounds the same as mine! I am naturally 110/70 but it has been between 80/50 and 90/60 since I got pg - bp does drop during pg anyway due to all the extra blood running around the body.

    It should be fine as MW isn't worried - but if it causing you any issues - eg: dizziness, faintness etc then definitely mention it as that can mean it is a problem!

    Thankfully I have been fine image

    Tara 35+5
  • Thanks for replying and putting my mind at rest Kathryn & Tara, I thought I was weird!!

  • I do too, I just need to make sure I eat little and often and to sit down when I feel light headed or faint. I fainted in the queue to the post office once - queued for 30 minutes and then fainted when it was my turn!

    Just looked at my maternity notes and my BP was 90/60 a couple of weeks ago.

    K 11+4
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