Dont feel pregnant...Anyone?

Hiya girls!
Is anyone else feeling like this? Ive still got sore boobs and occasionally being sick now (Although couldnt keep anything down yesterday!) And im constantly on the toilet but i just dont feel pregnant! I hope that doesnt sound too weird as i know ive got plenty of symptoms! I dont know how i expected to feel but i just dont feel as though theres actually a growing baby in there and im just worrying all the time now because of it, as had 2 mc's already. Im 10 weeks this week and had an early scan at 8 weeks where i saw the heartbeat but so worried im going to lose this baby. :cry:


  • hi mikayla,
    please dont worry i was the same. lost all symtoms about 10 weeks and everything was fine (im now 2 days overdue lol!). i too never 'felt pregnant' and didnt feel a movement til about 25 weeks. but again everything has been fine.
    i also have had mc so understand completely how u r feeling, i remember feeling like 12 weeks was a life time away and it was like being in limbo, but honestly it will pass and u will get to ur next scan and the relief will be so immense, you will be fine.
    with still being sick i wouldnt worry! u still have the hormones etc related to pregnancy obviously!
    have u got a doppler? i bought an angel sounds one off ebay and used it almost every day from about 11 weeks, just loved hearing the heartbeat, really got me through the early stages of pregnancy.

    ims ure u will be fine, when is ur next scan?
    holly xx
  • Thank you holly, its nice to hear someone understands what your going through! I havent got a date for 12 week scan yet as my first appointment with the midwife isnt till tommorow so going by the last 2 times i usually got the letter from hospital about 2 weeks after booking in appointment with scan date, I was hoping it would be before christmas but dont think i got no chance of that now! Only 2 weeks away! I want to buy a doppler but was thinking of leaving it a couple of weeks as im an emotional wreck at the moment and know that id be so upset if i couldnt find it yet! xxx
  • i am the same i dont really feel pregnant but for the sore boobs and going the toilet a lot i too had a m/c and had a scare where i bled last week got sent for a scan and saw the heartbeat so felt a bit better cos last time there was nothing in the sack got to wait for my booking in on 20th december to find out any more x
  • hey hun - i know exactly how u feel, i am also 10weeks +2, i felt like this for a few weeks now. i lost all my symptoms at about 8 weeks and then didnt feel pregnant. it took me ages to ask someone if they ever felt like this cus i felt i was being weird, but most mommys said that they had also felt this way to. so i guess what we are experiencing is normal. when is your next scan hun ? i know you had an early one at 8 weeks are they going to let you have one on the 12th week or do you have to wait til the 20th week ? xx
  • Hiya jemma, im still having a 12 week scan but havent got a date yet. I had my first midwife appointment today and she has sent off my details as urgent to the hospital so hopefully it wont take them too long to get back to me with a date. Ill keep you posted image
  • aww great hun. will keep my fingers crossed that they get u a quick appointment =]
  • Its a strange feeling even though I'm 11weeks and have only recently started with pregnancy symptoms, I too dnt actually feel pregnant. I think its because I didn't actually have my pregnancy confirmed I went to the dr's and told them I had 2 positive home tests and they just took my word. So iv had my booking in and got 12week scan on 17th dec and im just dreading getting there and them saying 'well actually kerry ur not even pregnant, theres no baby in there!' Oh my god imagine. Kerry xxxxxxx
  • Lol kerry! Im sure everythings fine! Let us know how you get on at scan image xx

  • Hey! I had the same thing in the beginning, because I wasn't nauseous or anything. So the 12 week scan was a relief I can tell you that! Now since 2 weeks the baby is kicking and it's so good to feel, because than you really feel pregnant. But I'm sure you will feel that too later on in the pregnancy. I'm 20+5 now and I can assure you that it's not a problem at all!!!

    xxx Cynthia
  • I know how you feel - I lost all symptoms by 10 weeks and my bump didn't start to grow until week 15. And I don't feel many kicks either, only at night, so all in all it's hard to believe there's a little person in there :lol:

    I had my scan today and saw baby moving all over the place, & it turns out I'm having a boy as well. My chart said he was really big for his dates already! So it is starting to feel a bit more real, but I still can't believe in 5 months I will have an actual baby. I think I'm kidding myself that he's some kind of weird alien!

    I know it's easy for me to say, but try and not worry about miscarrying. I convinced myself before my scan that there was something wrong with my baby & he had some kind of disorder but scan showed he is fine & well and I was out in 10 mins.

    Anyway good luck, I have a feeling this is a sticky one for you

    Philippa - 20 wks x x x x x
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