restless legs

Is anyone else getting this?

My daughter seems to be behaving today which is nice lol.

I am however for the last week or so finding that every now and again, more at night tbh am getting what can only be described as restless legs.

I am ok for a minute or 5 then all of a sudden i get like a tingling in my feet, that kinda hurts but doesn't if that makes sense, and i have to move my legs to make it go away.
It is driving me potty just not sure if it is a pregnancy thing or coz of the DDD


  • I'm pretty sure that this can be a pregnancy thing, haven't had it since I got pregnant but I used to get it when I was younger. It is a right pain cause it makes it really hard to sleep, I used to find that every time I got comfy I needed to move my legs again and I couldn't keep still!
    Hopefully it won't last too long for you, maybe mention it to the mw next time you see her?
  • OMG thank god someone has posted something about this i have not slept for a week the sheet ends rolled up really tightly. as soon as i get into bed i start doing the riverdance. i cant lay on my right side as it hurts my hip and the ligaments between my mini are sore. its apain in the arse. the only time i get comfy is on my front laying slight to the right with my left leg bent way up high but thats only for a few seconds. then i lose my temper with myself for not sleeping haha. last night i took two paracetemol b4 going to bed at nine which seemed to work til about 3am so id give that a go. xx
  • i was experiencing the same thing alongside bad leg cramps that i would wake up with in the night. My midwife suggested eating a banana (which i hate) or drinking indian tonic water (which is ok once i've added lemon barley to it) for the cramps as it may because of potasium levels. Luckily it has helped both the restless legs and cramps so i'm finding I get much more sleep!
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