Leaking like a cow at 21 weeks??

Hi ladies and bumps... I'm 21 weeks and I've noticed over the past few days that I have been leaking a clear/cloudy sticky substance out of my boobs. I've noticed that they've been a bit sore over the past few days and the veins are now really prominent. I don't remember having this with my 10 month old daughter, so really need reassurance that this is normal? It is just my boobs getting ready?

Thanks in advance x


  • Hi gemsie I am 22 weeks and have this too. It's not too much but enough to notice. A few other girls on the April forum have it so think its normal
    Debs x 22+5
  • Ive been leaking since 16 weeks, mostly at night. Its colostrom (early milk) boobs get really hot and sore on days where I end up leaking a lot.
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