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Original post:Hi everyone..not been on here for a while..had no computer but now its repaired!!

Just wanted to pour my heart out really as im going through a horrible time at work. One of the girls i work with is a horrible bitch to me. Undermines me etc..bit of a bully. Two weeks ago I stuck up for myself and told her to stop..thought was sticking up for myself. Went away on hols for two weeks and returned to my manger saying im the one with the problem and that the girl was very upset that i had spoken to her in such an aggressive way! I couldnt believe what i was hearing. I am now the one with the attitute, who is snappy and aggressive and has upset people in the team! I knew they werent happy about my pregnancy and im wondering if this is time to have a good pop at me. The atmosphere is unbearable and i ended up at the docs...who was lovely and told me i may have ante natal depression..with all the symptoms i listed. Im thinking about taking maternity leave at the earliest possible week now as i need to get out of the place. It will be astruggle financially but my OH is worried about my health. I have no were to turn...i cry every morning on the way to work..its awful...sorry for going on but i just wanted to get all of it down and maybe read some other peoples opinions if you dont mind replying xxx

part two:
I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who replied to my post. It has given me a huge boost and I see that I am not the only one in this situation.

I returned to work last Wednesday after two working days and the bank hol wkd off. I originally had a sick note from the day I went off....reading Ante natal depression and stress at work. A few days later I returned to the Dr and got him to write me a medical cert saying I was fit for work now providing I had support as I had had the wkd to get my thougts together, plus I need the money as I dont get sick pay as not been with company for more than a year. I knew I had to go back to work to face this girl and my manger and try sort it out. I gave my manger my sick note and medical cert and she accepted that I was ok to resume work providing we had a three way meeting (manager, me, nasty girl) We had the meeting which went ok....although you could tell the girl was really pissed about it.
Anyway, I completed nearly two days at work when my employers who seconded me phoned in the office telling me to go home until I could be seen by their Occy Health Dr....which may take a week. I said would I get paid and they said NO!!! As I dont qualify for sick pay as not been with company for a year.
I phoned ACAS this morning (they help with maternity rights) and they said as ive beeen sent home on medical/maternity suspension then the law states I should be paid in full!!!
Im yet to get an answer from my employers..they havent returned my phone just sitting at home feeling totally lost and upset..worrying about loosing my wages even though I returned to work with my Drs say so only to get sent home until my occy health appointment which will be god knows when!! With no pay.

Im so sorry to rant ladies..its a shit day.


  • definatley take it further, if they keep going like this and you ended up handing in your notice, it should be classed as consructive dismissal. they know they can't fire you for being pg, but seems like their trying their best to drive you out. Good luck!
  • Gosh what total arses.... not sure where you stand legally on things but sounds like bullying and as the girls say that's a definate no no when you are preg ! Perhaps the occy health appt will actually help because you will be able to demonstrate that you have complied with their crap demands and that the sicknotes all refer to work. related stress. Perhaps you should take someone with you?
  • Hi hon

    If you have a GPs letter to say you are fit to return to work, and your work are insisting that you stay off until Occy Health assessment, then they have to pay you. Go with ACAS - they know the law inside out and are a great source of info. Keep in close touch with them and make sure you log everything - every conversation, all the dates etc, just in case it goes to tribunal.

    Please don't let it get you down - phone ACAS again for reassurance on your getting paid so at least that's not a concern for you.

    Good luck hon

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