Induction more painful?????

Ive had a read over a few sites that suggest induction is more painful than natural delivery??

Has anyone had experiences of both and which was more painful??

I have SPD and am thinking about asking to be induced but dont wanna consider it if its gonna be more painful than letting myself go it alone xxxxxx


  • Hi Melissa, i've had both, my first was induced so went practically straight to full on contractions! Had gas and air and pethidine so wasnt too bad, my other births were'nt so quick but had a build up to the contractions so seemed to be in pain for longer!
    Personally i prefered the natural one as you learn with each contraction how to cope with the pain, not sure if i'm being of much help..... good luck whatever you choose.xxxx

  • I've only had an induction, and have to agree, the contractions get painful very quickly and it is hard to learn how to cope with them. I was only 3cm and felt like such a wuss but it was agony and I was still on the ward but begged for gas & air! I wouldn't be put off though - gas & air is amazing stuff - and I also had an epidural which was a bloody miracle. I ended up with a section but I do have to say I think the most important thing about labour is being calm through the contractions as the more you tense up the pain multiplies. Thats why the gas & air is good as it helps you breathe properly and relax. Breathing techniques are good pain relief in themselves but hard to stick to...The gas & air takes the edge of pain slightly to make it more maneageable. This is only my experience tho - I might well just be a wuss!!! I would ask for an induction rather than suffering with SPD pain. xxx
  • hi. i have been induced with 3 out of 5 of my babies.2 times with the pessary which allows your body to go into labour slowly but then i had my waters broken as well and this does help to speed things up, but i have also had the drip as well and this does really speed things up and comes on pretty quickly as it is a synthetic hormone, you may not need a drip to be induced and just a pessary. my friend was induced at 38 weeks due to severe spd and had a good birth, although painful due to the spd at giving birth.
    good luck.xxxx
  • Hi all. I know before Caoimhe was born on Monday I had asked to be induced as contractions had started on saturday morning at 4am and then stopped again at about 9am on Monday. When I asked to be induced they said that the only method they could use would be to break my waters but unfortunatly my cervix was not ready enough as it was too far back. The said that I had had two previous sections any other method would be too dangerous as it causes stronger contractions than naturally which I would presume means they would be more painful.
  • My mum is a midwife she was talking to me about induction the other day. Apparently it can be more painful because if you go into labour naturally you start off with what seem like mild(ish!) type period pain which builds up over a period of time, you learn to breathe through the pain and the best way to cope with each contraction. She described induction as a bit of a slap in the face for some ladies as your straight in there at the top with no chance of building up to full force contractions.... She didnt talk about the difference between pessery and the drip though
  • Hi I was induced with my daughter and my contractions were 2 minutes apart and very intense from start to finish. My labour was 47 hours in total. I had 2 pessary's and was then put on a drip.
  • Hi i wasn't induced as such, i went into labour naturally but was having a few problems so had to have my waters broke and have a drip to speed my contractions up and i went from feeling ok and in control to climbing the walls. Sorry i know this prob wont make you feel any better x
  • I hope it won't be worse. I'm due to have one in 2 weeks. I'm sh**ing myself. The consultant said I can have regular drugs until i get to 4cm then I can have an epidural. I hope I won't be in pain for long!!!!!!! I'm a real wuss when it comes to pain.

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