How good is your hospital?

Thought some of you might be intrested in this site I read about in Practical Parenting you can find out how your local maternity units compare to hte national averages. Thought it would be particularly useful for those of you who are newly pregnant and trying to decide where to give birth.
Kerry xx


  • Thanks kerry thats really useful. the hospital I'm planning on giving birth at is only fair performing. I'm not entirely sure what to do now! I had an awful time giving birth to my daughter 4 years ago in one local hospital so I decided to try this one, but the one I gave birth to my daughter in is now better performing as appose to the other fair performing one! What do I do?!
  • That's a difficult one! I had a crap birth last time and the one thing I was sure of this time was that I wasn't going to the same place!
  • It says my hospital is better performing. Although some of the scores seemed quite low to me: they should all be 100%!! (Or am I just being fussy?) It's good to know it's classed as better performing anyway as I have only been to hospital 4 times during pregnancy all for scans, so am not really sure what to expect! xxx
  • well mine is least well performing but i knew that already the hospitals where i live r shit but have no choice really i have picked the better of the two local hospitals
  • I dont know what to do now! I've been having all my antenatal care at one hospital can I just change to another?
  • mines not on there image
  • ah right, ill have another look, thanx!
  • i know why, its because my hospital is in wales :P
  • carleybarley - you can change at any time if you are not happy. I think all you need to do is phone the antenatal department at the hospital you want to go to and they should be able to sort it out. You can actually change at any point up untill you go into labour!
  • I think I'll talk it over with my daughter was born with a major heart defect and it wasnt spotted at that hospital. When I go back and think about it the labour was very long and painful but I cant really fault the hospital and the care. I think I relate the bad experiences to afterwards and them not taking care or abby properly when she was 10 days old...but the one I had been planning on is a very good cardiac hospital but I dont know much about the maternity unit.
  • i am really suprised by this site because my local hospital came out at better performing??? its awful i have a latex allergy which they ignored n sent me to anaphalaxis, dont want to go into horror stories as its unfair on others already nervous but seriously it has a terrible rep 4 being unclean and ive been fighting to not go there n then to hear its been rated as above average!!! madness
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