Leaky boob advice!?

Hi everyone,
Just wondering if anyone had advice!?
Im currently 27 weeks+2 and my breasts have started leaking slightly the past few weeks, however they are getting worse and now when i wake up in the morning my pyjama top has stains where i have leaked!! I know this can be normal as iv asked my mw about it however i dont know if there is anyway to stop it happening !? Should i start wearing a bra to bed now?


  • Hiya,
    I don't think there's nethin you can do to stop it, but would prob b a good idea to wear a bra and breast bads to bed, cos it would prob b more comfortable 4 u. Mothercare have some nice sleep bras

  • u wont be able to stop it hun but u could wear a bra for bed with some breast pads in to catch the leaks. xx
  • hiya, i have huge boobies and with my first pregnancy i could squirt breast milk 4ft by 25weeks. as long as its a normal colour and not smelly it'l be fine. ask midwife at next apt. xxx
  • tommee tipee breast pads are really really good. i've tried loads but these are by far the most absorbant. you can just get them at your supermarket. x
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