had scan 2day-35 weeks!

just thought id post how my scan went today!we could see all her features and she did a big yawn,sooo cute!cant w8 2 meet her now!everything looks good and she is already 6lb11oz!Estimated to be 9lb4oz at 40 weeks so just hope i dnt go overdue like i did with my daughter!Hope every1 else is ok and bumps r growing nicely??!! hanna xxx


  • Ahhhh glad your scan went well today hun and dd behaved, I had 34 week scan last monday and baby was face down so only got to see back of head!!!

    I hope you don't go overdue hun, my babys weight was 5lb 10oz at scan so was given estimate of 8lb and I was like "yep, thats big enough for me thankyou!!!"

    Katie and bambino.x x x

  • hehe yea it is.My hubbies responce was rather u than me when he told us the weight!!my little girl was just under 9lb at birth so wasnt surprised tbh.Wot a pain that ur baby was face down!we got to see her little nose,eyes,mouth it was really clearimage u got any more scans?think this is my last 1 now so was nice 2 see her so clearly xx
  • how did u find out the weight of your babies did u have to ask the sonographer or did they jst tell u.
  • i was just told but i do have my scans with a consultant as have had previous problems and he is great xx
  • Hi hun, yeah it was my last scan, I had to have it as placenta was low lying at 20 weeks. It was such a shame baby was a pickle but at least it adds to the surprise even more as I now don't know the sex or what it looks like...lol!!!

    I asked the sonographer what baby weighed as she did all the measurements and can work it out from there.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • That's great news Hanna - fingers crossed now you're on the home straight!

  • aww lovely news! not long now have you! bet you cant wait
    good luck xxx
  • no i cant wait,she looked such a cutie.Can c her little chubbie cheeks on my scan pic!
    Hia Karen,im in nxt thurs 2 have cervical sutures removed,gotta av a spinal aaarrhh!!will let u know if shes still in here when i get home!hoping things may get shifting after that,getting bit impatient now especially as i know she already such a good weight!! xxx
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