Anyone pg after mc?

I recently had a mc in jan, we decided to start trying soon after and have just got a bfp! But now i just feel so scared of things going worng again. Its still really early not sure of my dates. Just wondering if any one is going through the same thing or if anyone has any advice?


  • Hya sorry about ur loss i mc oct 07 at 7weeks then got pg again 3weeks after im 14weeks now and everything seems to be going fine. Good luck x
  • Thanks thats really good to know, how did they work out your dates?
  • My gp could not work out the dates had to wait til had scan iv had 3 scans up to now on early preg unit coz i keep having spotting but baby was jumping around on scans lol they said everything ok
  • I had a missed miscarrage in August last year which in fact was a molar pregnancy which is where two sperm fertilise the egg causing placenta to eat feotus and leave you with possible cancerous cells. I had to have a d&c in August and was then referred to charing Cross for foillow up Which is where you send blood and urine to check hcg levels have dropped so wheni got pregnant this time charing cross picked up on it!

    I have had two scan one at six weeks and one at eight weeks and my twelve week scan on wednesday and i have never been so terrified in my life! It is probably the hardest thing to be possitive after a previous mc but most women go on to have anormal pregnancy after a miscarrage!

    I know it easier said then done but the key is to be positive as being anxious won't help you at all as that will cause stress that harm you both! Go and see your gp as soon as you can and they will arrange an early scan for you seeings as you had miscarrage last time.

    Remember every pregnancy is different so keep your chin up and stay positive. Hoping everything goes well for you and will be sending you lots of baby glue hun!
  • Good to hear everything going well for you both now, will have to go see the doc asap then.

    Was not given any advice after mc, hospital were no help what so ever just said to expect heavy bleeding! But have read on web that you should wait 3 months before trying again! So that has worried me even more.

    Don't want to get excited just incase but i can't help it.

    This site is so good for support when we had mc we had not told anyone that we were pg so i felt we could not tell them we had had a mc when they didn't even know we were pg! I have been so alone but reading stories on here has really helped.

    Thanks for your replys x
  • Don't worry about the 3 month wait as that what the professionals say to cover there backs! After i had my d&c i saw the midwife at the early pregnancy unit the day i left and she said "wait till the bleeding stops and then bonk like rabbits!" and thats coming from a midwife!!!!! they prefer your periods to return and return to there normal cycle before you try again but there are many happy ending storys of people who have fallen pregnant so soon after a miscarrage and gone on to have healthy babys.

    Beware of some sites as they worry more then comfort just trust your body it knows how to get pregnant miscarrages are just a glitch as i read before!

  • Thanks pinkbutton thats really helped to put my mind at rest a bit. All i can do now is wait and take things day by day!

    When are you due? x
  • I'm due the 8th Sept seems so far away! And it is good to take things day by day as that way you know your body is doing the right thing and with each day that passes is another day your little one has grown and thriving!

    Please let us know how you get on with doctor and early scan trust me it puts your mind at rest although still on tender hooks but it allows you to relax a little bit.

    Have you worked out dates?

  • Not worked out dates yet! not sure how to as i did not have af after mc and my cycles are very irregular! I do remember when we started ttc again 2nd feb and then again 2 weeks later with lots in between don't know if doc will be able to go by that.
  • Well you should be at least 4 weeks to get your bfp. your doctor will prob estimate then wait till you have your early scan and go by those dates as they all grow at the same rate up to 12 weeks.My first scan was at six weeks but sonographer said the sac was measuring 5 weeks then wheni went for 8 week scan i was actually 8 weeks on the day they said i was 8 weeks 2 days not sure how thats works out but there you go!

    I always find it weird that they start your preganacy from before you actually conceive it baffles me but it obviously is right! So i would of thought you were 4-6 weeks! Have you had any symptoms yet and when did you start to feel pregnant?

  • Have been feeling different for about a week now; needing the loo ALL the time, always tierd, boobs getting bigger, could smell the bin thats in the garden thought it was my mind playing tricks on me!
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