swollen ankles!!! Need advice

Hello girlies,

every time im at work my ankles really swell up, i only sit at a desk so not even alot of walking around, once i get in i put my feet up and in the morning they are fine, but i need some suggestions to keep them looking like im baking bread in my shoes haha.

I am 27weeks should i be doing anything? Or go to the docs? The midwife said as long as they go down by the next day your fine but this was 5weeks ago.

So any help would be great as its bad enough looking a complete wreck without having elephant ankles to add to it!
Ok rant over sorry girlies


  • Don't know hun, sorry, but didn't want to read n run!

    Maybe you shud try a similar approach to flying - exercise ur ankles while ur sitting, ie round in circles, lift foot up n down, side to side, just to help stop the fluid settling. Get up and have a walk round the office/desk every now and again too, if you can. Mite not do much, I dunno, but mite be worth a try.

    Good luck.
  • hi, can you a foot rest to keep your feet elevated? they do them at my place that move so you can rotate your ankles as your working. or at least walk round for a few mins every hour to excercise them.
    my mate bought me a avent pamper set and that had some cooling leg and foot gel in it. that feels lovely on your ankles and says it helps to reduce swelling. Im 28 weeks and havent had any yet so it could be that thats working??!
    or try support tights..not v glam but whatever makes you more comfy!
    lis x
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