Im going to the Union

I posted the other day about they way im being treated at work and the termination of my temporary contract and have decided to take it further and seek union assistance.

I was given a 12 month contract and thought it would be extended (as EVERYONE elses has been) My manager said she couldnt afford to lose me and not to worry but i got called up 2 weeks before it was due to expire and have been given my termination date - as they didnt tell me soon enough i was given a one month extension and as a "gesture of goodwill" my manager offered to squeeze me in for an interview 4 days later (another temporary contract doing the exact same job)

Well i went for it and was "unsuccessful" - i get my feedback as to why tomorrow

One minute she says she needs me and cant lose a trained member of staff the next im not good enough????????

She told me i can apply for the other two vacancies coming up (one temporary one permanant) but why would she give me one of these if she wouldnt even give me a 12 week contract as i aplied for???

I didnt think this was fair and have no idea if i have any rights but my colleagues have told me to seek advice so i have.

Anyone else had to resort to this???

Im 27+3 and just feel so stressed with it all



  • Hi hun think you are doing the right thing taken it to the union! My oh has just phoned me from work to tell me that he has finally been given information on paternity - he asked for it repeatly since I was 9 wks, I am now almost 38 wk!!! And it looks like he won;t be getting anything apart from SMP through the job centre so we will be taken things further as he was originally told he didn't have to sumbit a date and then he would get full pay, now he has been told he should have told them his date 15 wks before he intended to take it. Think its about time employers wised up to whats right when dealing with pregnancy and treated everyone fairly!!!! Tammi xxx

  • I just dont know where i stand - there was a new boy hired 6 weeks ago to fill the exact same post as mine after my colleague left and he was given a 6 monthy contract even though it was only advertised as a 12 week contract.

    My manager said "you should have went for davids post"

    But when it was advertised for 12 weeks i had 16 weeks of my contract left so what would have been the point???

    Besides she told me not to worry and that my post would likely be extended,

    Im gonna be a single mum and have been owrking so hard to try pay off my debts and sort myself out in time for LO arriving. Now im not gonna have a job and im 7 months pregnant so cant get another now and its stressing me out bigstyle.

    I work for the local council so i thought theyd be a little fairer but it really feels like theyre penalising me cos im pregnant xxxx
  • Seems alot of employers think that they can just treat us anyway they want! I know I spoke to my boss about a management position and was told that I wouldn't get it and then he called me back to say that I was welcome to apply, which I did and guess what I didn't get it! I would def speak to your union rep or the CAB and see what they say about it. Tammi xxx

  • How shitty for you, as you say you would think the council would be really careful on these things, you need to get advise and roll from there, keep a diary of everything that gets said as this will be benificial if you can take it further.
  • Im going to take notes from tomorrows feedback and see what reasons she gives for me not getting the job im already doing - im more than capable so i dont see what shes gonna use xxx
  • All I know about employment law is you dont have a leg to stand on for them not lenghtening your temp contract BUT you do have a case if she has no proper reason to have not offered you that other post. Under the dicrimination laws you cannot be discriminated against because of your sex (pregnancy falls under this) BUT again it can be VERY hard to prove if she says someone else is better for the job or something, how do you prove thats not true?

    I went to citizens advice about a prob I had a while ago and thats all I found out really.

    Keep it all under your hat and then you wont scupper any chance of you getting another job there before or after baby comes along, keep your options open!
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