Eek I'm having a big baby

Hi ladies

I just wanted to see if anybody else has been told they're having a big baby?

I had my anomoly scan at 22 weeks and the baby was measuring big around the abodminal circumference - just outside of the normal range. Today I had to go back for another scan at 26+3 and he is still measuring large - just inside of the normal range now, but big on both the tummy and the head. He is measuring larger all over at about 28+ weeks. Has anybody else had this? I had to have some blood tests to check my blood glucose levels. So far all my urine checks have been fine. I'm not convinced it is a diabetes related thing. They think he just might be larger than normal baby. Given that apparently 'typical' newborn is now 8 1/2 pounds I'm a bit scared!

I will get my blood results tomorrow morning. But they also said he's growing at a normal rate, just slightly ahead of the curve so think it's not diabetes.

Any thoughts / advice / encouraging words?

Also my colleagues are all teasing me now saying he's a "porker" or calling him Goliath and Buster. I feel a bit hurt by this but just laugh it off. :cry:


  • Tell them to sod off!!!!

    You never know he is growing fast now but might slow down nearer the birth, if not then it just means he is a strong baby which is just want you want image

    Your be fine honey my aunt had two 10 pound babies and was fineimage

    K xx
    14 weeks today
  • When I had felicity she weighed 8lb7oz and was long and everyone was saying 'ooh what a big baby' and i really didnt think so at all. I was 9lb and my little brother was 9lb7oz so I expected bigger tbh. I was 14 when my little brother was born and I was there, I didnt think he was too big. At the end of the day healthy is the most important thing, I quite like chubby babies anyway! Like Klou said tell them to sod off! I had the midwives telling me she was too heavy everytime I took her to the clinic to be weighed up until she was a year old just because she was at high end of the chart. I had to keep reminding them that she is a long baby and actually that balances her out. Felicity just loves her food and theres no harm in that. I stopped taking her to the clinic at a year old cos I'd had enough and I could keep an eye on her weight myself. Now at the age of 3 she looks in perfect proportion and has slimmed out! Dont worry hun xxx
    fiona 14+5
  • Hey hun, yeah I have been told the same. I am measuring 2 weeks ahead and have to have my bloods done next Monday for glucose testing. MW is convinced its diabetes related even thought my urine is clear as drinking water only because i have a sweet tooth but I read that in most cases the babies weight evens out by the time you come to go into labour. I was told that the last thing I want is to find a heavy baby at 36 weeks as they are born with health and breathing problems so it is good that they are doing these checks on us now. I have been told to cut right down on carbs and sweets but its hard when you really crave them!
  • Thanks for your messages girls.
    How funny Tracey that you're the same - we have almost the same due date and both have had big bumps from the start!
    I haven't been given any advice on my diet, but will try to be good even though I too have a sweet tooth. That said I think I'm actually quite healthy, just enjoy the odd biscuit with my cuppa. Other than that I have my 5 fruit & veg a day, cook from scratch etc.
    I wasn't that worried but I think everyone's reaction has made me feel worse. I wish I could just tell them to shut up and sod off but I think if I say something they will only tease more so I'm going to just ignore it and hope they forget about it!
  • I had this all through my pregnancy. I got so pissed off with some peoples reactions eg Are you having an elephant! There's no way that baby will be able to get out. I remember getting upset and crying. Try and ignore people's silly reactions, they obviously have nothing better to think about!!
    Anyway my baby was born and he weighed 9lb 7oz. He is perfect and gorgeous!! The birth was very straight forward with no stitches! I have heard it is easier to deliver slightly bigger babies.
    Good luck xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks so much Rachboo. It's hard not to let other people's stupid comments get to you. It makes me realise how what seems like an innocent little comment can make people feel. I was speaking to a lady the other day who is prob late 50's / early 60's and she was saying how she'd been skiing and someone had said to her "oh do you still ski?" - she said it would have been a perfectly fine comment if they had just said 'do you ski?' but the "still" made her feel really old. Silly isn't it. I shouldn't let their comments worry me.
    I'm sure he'll be the perfect weight that he needs to be. And congratulations on your son image
  • Id ignore them hun!

    Im afraid i DO have gestational diabeties, and my lil man weighed 3lb8oz at my 29wk scan.....hes already in the 90th centile! I have another scan in 2wks so will see what his growth is then - quite scary as i think i may give birth to he-man lol!!!

    Hes mine though and perfect so i dont care!!

    kim 30+6 xxx
  • Id ignore them hun!

    Im afraid i DO have gestational diabeties, and my lil man weighed 3lb8oz at my 29wk scan.....hes already in the 90th centile! I have another scan in 2wks so will see what his growth is then - quite scary as i think i may give birth to he-man lol!!!

    Hes mine though and perfect so i dont care!!

    kim 30+6 xxx
  • Don't worry about it! If the baby is big you get extra scans, which is actually really nice. And, lots of people (including the NCT class teacher) have said that it isn't actually size which counts, but how the baby is positioned (in terms of giving birth).

    My baby has been at the 95th percentile all the way along for everything, but the last two scans she was just over the 95 percentile for her tummy. She also weighs 7lbs 11oz already - with three 1/2 weeks to go to my due date. If she went 2 weeks over she could be almost 11lbs!?! Can you imagine????!!! But, if she comes on time, she'll be about 9 1/2 lbs, with gravity helping her down...

    I'm not too worried. I had a test for gestational diabetes too and it came back normal, so she just is a happy bouncy baby already.

    None of the midwives have commented at all, so I'd just ignore any of them (or anyone else) who makes comments. Loads of people had told me I was the size of a house, but actually my bump is about the size you would expect. Most people don't have a clue what size you are supposed to be.

    Ally x
  • Hon dont worry image (easier said than done)

    Ollie was 9lb 2 at birth, everyone kept saying he's on target to be a nice 8lber, nothing more, so they were all surprised when he came out as big as he did.
    This one is measuring bigger than him already. At my last scan (31+5) she came in at 4lbs and I was told afterwards that babies tend to treble the weight they are at that point by the time they're born (but unless you get an extra scan you dont know the estimated weight). This would put baby at 12lbs at full term image
    They do say bigger babies tend to be easier to birth as the weight of them helps to push them down the birth canal. image (I was diff as Ollie was too big and I am too small to birth much over 7lbs apparantly due to the size/shape of my pelvis)

    I'm having an elective sec this time around because I'm fully expecting a biggie and it's the only way she'll come out (plus i went through hell with Ollie) but with it being a week early I'm hoping she'll only be about 10-11lbs... :lol:

    TBH i'm not sure I'd know what to do with a small baby now...

    please bear in mind though that all the/sizes weights are estimates at this moment. they can be bigger or smaller than the estimate once they actually get here! image

  • Thanks to all of you for the lovely messages. You have helped to make me feel much better.

    I got my blood test results back this morning and have normal glucose levels and normal thyroid function so am just not going to worry about it.

    I have always felt that they dated me a bit early anyway, as I have PCOS and irregular cycles they adjusted my EDD but I think they went too far the other way, so I actually think part of it is that he is big and part of it is that I am further ahead in my pregnancy than they think. Even on my 12 week scan notes I can see that he is measuring outside the normal size range for the adjusted dates! His growth has been steady and at a normal pace so I'm more relaxed about it.

    I am doing a hypnobirthing course and am supposed to be having positive thoughts (!) and have decided that next time someone says anything like calling him a porker I'm going to say in a lighthearted way - right no more calling him 'porker', I'm going to think positively!

    My husband thought it was nice that I was so defensive about him already - said it is my maternal instinct to protect him from bullies!!
  • It is nerve wracking when they tell you to expect a big baby. Mine was 3lbs 140z at 28 weeks!! The weight is off the scale. I am having a scan at 37 weeks to determine the size again in case the weight has evened out. I guess you just don't know until the baby is here!
  • Like Katie they told me Lily was about 6lb then out popped this 7lb 11oz baby! I was very tiny throughout my pregnancy tho!
  • Try not to worry too much, I was told at 36wk that DD was "going to be at least a 10lbder" and kept being told that I was "huge, massive, are you having an elephant etc" She was born at 38+2 and was a respectable 8lb and half an ounce (don't forget the half oz!!) DS weighed in at just shy of 9lb 3 yrs earlier so she seemed tiny!! Personally I prefer them on the larger side, think the chubby cheeks and legs are sooooooo cute!!
  • hi.... got comments that we have to endure are just great arent they....
    my fave one i've had so far is "i reckon you are going to give birth to a 2 year old".... that's really helpful.... I've also had "hows the man baby?" and "by the looks of you you are in for at least a 10 lber...."... and my midwife wasnt much help either - "well he's 2 weeks bigger than where he should be - but we'll monitor it in 3 weeks...." otherwise known as a life time in my world...

    honestly...! I like your positive attitude though and hows the hypnobirthing thing going....?? i'm thinking i might quite like that...

    whilst i was hoping for a little 6lb baby - i'm quite pleased to read a bigger baby is easier to deliver.... are you sure that's not made up to make us feel better....?!!

    All the best anyway - you sound perfectly healthy and i'm sure your bambino will be too!
  • With my first baby I had a scan at 36 weeks, as I was asking for a c-section due to family history. They scanned George and told me he would be 10.5lb if left till 40 weeks. That shook me up, but meant I got my c-sect at 39 weeks, as he was going to be 'so big.' Had George at 39 weeks and he was only 8lb 1oz! He was just a long baby and a tall 16 month old now! They don't always get it right. Now I'm 34 weeks pregnant with my second and at 32 weeks i measured 35.5cm!

    I know it's cliche, but as long as baby is healthy I wouldn't worry too much, and I agree tell work people to sod off. My colleagues always comment if I'm having a cake in the staff room and that's beginning to piss me right off too. People just think they're funny...when they're not!!!
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